Putin and G host the video summit


MOSCOW President Biden may have his Democratic alliance, but Russia and China still have each other.

Xi Jinping Vladimir V. Putin called Putin his “old friend,” and the Russian president called his Chinese opponent his “dear friend” and his “honorable friend.”

In the footage of the opening remarks made by the Kremlin, Mr. said he would attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in February. Putin said, “Mr. Biden made him the first president of another country to make sure he came to the event he had already promised. Leaders like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries should be ignored.

Mr Putin said he was meeting with Putin for the 37th time since 2013. Xi praised the Russian president for thwarting attempts to “create divisions between our countries.” He said that according to the Russian translation of their views after the start of the Virtual Summit, both countries “are defending the true meaning of democracy and human rights.”

Last week Mr. The news appeared to be different from Biden’s Summit on Democracy, which was widely seen as an attempt to build a united front against Russia and China.

Since the two countries were once enemies, Mr. Putin and Mr. Have always formed a tight economic, military and geopolitical alliance under Ji which appears to be an alliance against US influence as the two countries’ conflicts with the United States deepen.

The talks came at a very important moment. Mr. Putin has threatened to invade neighboring Ukraine with dangerous military positions near the border, just as the West is demanding new legal guarantees for the establishment of a Russian sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.

He called on Western calls for a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics in February and for pressure on China’s operations in western Xinjiang. Shi faces, where hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs and other Muslims have been detained and re-educated.

“I expect we will finally meet in person in Beijing in February next year,” he said. Mr. Putin. Told Shia. “We have consistently supported each other on issues related to international athletic cooperation, including not accepting any attempt to politicize the sport or the Olympic movement.”

Reported by Anton Troyanovsky from Moscow and Steven Lee Myers from Seoul. Claire Fu, John Liu and Kawa Cosmakomatova contributed to the research.


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