Rajesh Top: RBSK teams look for signs among school students


As schools across Maharashtra reopen to teach classrooms on Monday, state health minister Rajesh Top warned the Rashtriya Pal Suraksha Kariyagram (RBSK) medical teams.

RBSK is an initiative of the National Health Mission under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, which includes child health screening and early intervention services.

“The program allows medical teams to visit schools and anganwadis and enable children to intervene early in the event of any medical disorder. We use their services to closely monitor children in anganwadis and schools so that early intervention can be provided if there are covit-like symptoms among students,” Dope told The Indian Express.

These services are provided free of charge and children diagnosed with any health disorder are treated in government hospitals. If advanced treatment is required, the government has empaneled 35 private hospitals.

RBSK has 1,195 groups that have screened 1.23 crore school children between the ages of 6-18 and 65-70 lakh schools under the age of six in the last five years (excluding 2020) for various medical ailments. . The program involves screening children from birth to 18 for four D – birth defects, defects, diseases and developmental delays.

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