Ready to respond to any war that American imperialists want: My Korea


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced on Saturday that he was speaking at a luxury military parade marking the 70th anniversary of the ruling North in the North, declaring that his country was ready to face any threat from the United States.

Featuring military hardware, including missiles and drones loaded on thousands of duck troopers and trucks, the march began one of the most anticipated celebrations in the North — the way the government shows that the world and its own people are firmly in control of the Kim dynasty and that its military is a force to be reckoned with.

Kim, dressed in black, walked down a red carpet and saluted her esteemed player. He then went to a stage and showed the troops participating in the parade in Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang. Chinese official Liu Yunshan, who arrived, applauded Kim’s left, along with senior North Korean officials to Kim’s right. Kim laughed as she spoke to Liu through a translator.

Kim then delivered a speech in which he said that North Korea would stand against the United States, releasing the kind of fiery rhetoric commonly used by the North.

“Our revolutionary force is ready to respond to any war that American imperialists want,” Kim said, whose speech was repeatedly interrupted by applause.

“In the line of Chongqing (military-first) politics, our Korean People’s Army has become a strong revolutionary force, and our country has become an impenetrable fortress and a global military power,” he said.

After his speech, thousands of soldiers held colored cards with the words “Chongan politics” and “Defending our homeland.”

In the ensuing military parade, various missiles mounted on tanks, armored vehicles, rocket launchers and trucks rolled over, while military planes flew over the square, creating the symbol of the Korean Labor Party – a hammer, brush and sickle. Another group of planes created the number 70 in the sky.

Jin Moo Kim, a security think tank in Seoul, an expert at the Korea Institute for Defense Analysis, said North Korea had unveiled a new 300-millimeter rocket launcher and drones. It also showed the KN-08 ballistic missile with a range of 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles) that the country showed in 2012. Kim Liu said the presence could have prevented the North from revealing more provocative weapons.

Thousands of civilians marched with colored cards to pronounce Kim’s name, and he waved to the crowd, holding the hand of the visiting Chinese official, Liu.

The guest list was short.

Although none of the world’s leaders – North Korea’s ally China, sent Liu, a senior Communist Party official, was not its leader or deputy prime minister – the generally isolated and quiet North Korean capital is overflowing with tourists, international media and delegations. Ethnic Koreans living abroad to cover up Russian and Mongol groups dedicated to studying North Korea’s political views.

As the clock struck midnight on Friday, Kim celebrated the anniversary by paying tribute to both his late father and grandfather at the Sun’s Kumsushan Palace in Pyongyang, according to the North Korean Central News Agency or KCNA.

Although North Korean officials have not released details of the celebration plans in advance, open source satellite images are monitoring large-scale troop operations at the Mirim military air base in Pyongyang, which is a sham in Kim’s Singing Square. Pyongyang citizens have been rehearsing their roles for the evening torchlight parade in public halls across the city for weeks.

For the finals, a stage was set up on the river that runs through central Pyongyang for a midnight concert featuring North Korea’s most popular band, the All-Female Moranpong Band. Tickets for foreigners wishing to attend the concert are a pop for 100 euros ($ 114).

After the death of his father Kim Jong Il in late 2011 Kim promised that the scene would be much broader since the regime took over, and that satellite images suggest the military parade could be the largest in the country.

On Friday, senior state officials sang the praises of the party and its leader at a massive rally in Pyongyang.

Also, on Friday, Kim met with a Chinese delegation led by Liu, the fifth leader of the Communist Party, and Liu delivered a message from Chinese President Xi Jinping, KCNA reported.

China has told Liu Kim that China is ready to work with North Korea to quickly resume six-party nuclear talks, China’s official Xinhua news agency reported. Negotiations involving the United States, South Korea, Russia and Japan to end the Northeast nuclear program were halted seven years ago.

The fact that some foreign analysts are placing more emphasis on making the anniversary of the party’s foundation a more luxurious party this year in particular is a sign that Kim is seeking to develop his own status with the party affiliated with the military.

Although Kim’s leadership and both companies are strong, the balance of power between the various government agencies in North Korea is a delicate one and it is important to maintain balance to keep Kim’s regime solid and challenging.

North Korea maintains its “military-first policy” which says it is necessary to counter threats from South Korea and the United States, but officials have recently emphasized the party’s role in improving the living standards of a growing population. In the south of the militarized zone and in the economic giant China they know how far behind their wealthy relatives.

To mark the completion of this year, large-scale construction and development projects were launched and were hailed with great fanfare in the state media.

These projects include new hydroelectric power stations and high-rise apartments, but it is unclear how much North Korea’s limited financial resources have been allocated to improve the condition of the majority of citizens who are relatively developed and not fortunate enough to live richly. Capital

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