Refugee crisis: German government argues for proposed border zones


Germany’s ruling coalition is debating whether to set up “transport zones” along the country’s border to quickly expel immigrants who have no real chance of asylum.

President Angela Merkel’s conservative organization emphasizes this idea. Germany should extend an existing system at its airports to its land borders so that asylum applications for immigrants from countries considered safe and paperless can be processed expeditiously.

Merkel says the idea may help. But it is unclear how the zones will function and his center-left coalition partners are deeply skeptical.

Vice President Sigmar Gabriel said on Wednesday that his Social Democrats would not support an organization that would block people across the border.

The conservative leader of Croatia says his country should build a fence on its border, as did neighboring Hungary.

President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic on Wednesday added to the daily Jordanji list that “I think some kind of fence or body ban is needed in the future.”

“I want to avoid it, but I do not know how else to protect ourselves,” especially if the neighbors close their borders with Croatia.

Hungary has closed its border with Serbia and threatened to do the same with Croatia as tens of thousands of migrants cross into Western Europe. The liberal government of Croatia has rejected the fence.

More than 170,000 asylum seekers have passed through Croatia since mid-September.

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