83: A still from the film. (Courtesy: 83thefilm)

actors: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Pankaj Tripathi, Tahir Rajpasin, Jeeva, Saqib Saleem, Jatin Sarna, Chirac Patil, Tinker Sharma, Nishant Tahiya, Hardy Chandu, Sahil Katar, Ammi Virk, Adinath Kothare, Thair Karwa and R.B.

Director: Kabir Khan

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

At one time there were two major national glues in India, cricket and cinema. It was 1983. The Gentleman’s game was, and was, part of a long-respected tradition of the men who played it, which was not for profit in their white flannels, but imposed on them the responsibility of advancing as athletes. No team has taken the 1983 World Cup as enthusiastically as India, which lifted the 1983 World Cup after returning with a singular victory (against Copid-up East Africa) from the first two editions of the limited overs tournament. This dramatic victory signaled the coming of age of Indian cricket, which no one, not even the captain or the men who run the game in the country can imagine.

The perennial backers knocked out powerful calypso players undoubtedly led by Clive Lloyd and guided by the terrifying battery of batting powerhouse Viv Richards and DeRae crack bowlers and rewrote the history books.

A film about that shocking success was waiting to happen, but for no reason, we doubted the channel that would do justice to the Bollywood sports waters. That memorable English summer Indian team made the critics one of them eat their words. Now that is Kabir Khan 83 Here it is, our critical fears have also become unfounded.

83 On June 25, 1983 and on all the days leading up to the finals against India, he reached a significant cricketing milestone, defending an unbeaten 183 against the unbeaten West Indies in a thrilling, vibrant, soul-stirring cinematic history that evoked all the emotions, excitement and ecstasy of the country. .

A cricket match will be washed away without the camera and actors getting the nuances of the game right. Cinematography director Azim Misra does an amazing job of keeping the action on the field. 83 Emerge in the cricket arena real and intimate, the actors will not allow the physical and technical challenge of becoming real batsmen and bowlers.

It cannot be denied 83 The film is directed by Ranveer Singh. In fact, it is wrong to call it a performance. The lead actor lives in that area, as Kapil Dev did, leading from the front. There is no potter around him. He understands that role with unbridled interest and meets its demands face to face.

If Kapil’s spirit and agility had not kept his boys from losing weight, the actors around Ranveer especially Pankaj Tripathi would have played the role of team manager PR Man Singh, Saqib Salim Mohinder Amarna, Jeeva Krishnamachari Srikanth and Jatin Sarna as Yashpal. Sharma Advancing to the flat level and playing their roles to the fullest.

83 Is the product of excellent teamwork. The writers director Kabir Khan, Sanjay Pooran Singh Chauhan and Vasan Bala do not ignore the Bollywood methods of enhancing the play, but they avoid the excess when it comes to recovering the adrenaline rush and heart-stopping tension. Of briefly written men.

The Indians were expected to exit the tournament without disturbing their opponents or any of their travel agents who had booked a return date (or in the case of a few players) before the semi-finals. The latter, though never seen or heard, plays an important role in it 83 The Cricket Board is a symbol of how the team’s prospects were viewed by its World Cup opponents and its supporters.

One can feel that some mid-pitch conversations between the players, the burning anger in the dressing room, the trembling nerves, the rage between the stadium and the crowds in various pockets of India could be sounded at one touch. For the sake of reality. But as 83 Adjusts the high points of the story and the action in the deep moving climax rises to a crescendo everything seems to fall into place.

Although we knew how it would end, the film thrilled us with trophies and small changes and imaginative additions (including a small town plagued by a communal riot that will soon forget its problems). India is marching to the knockout stage of the World Cup, and a family with a television set opens its doors to everyone in the neighborhood) and it knocks on the door. Looking at the 1983 drama from the perspective of our broken time, one cannot help but wonder if cricket still has the same power that unites us.


A still from 83.

That conflict 83 Drama is not only on the pitch against the strongest teams on paper (and otherwise) but also in the hearts and minds of the Indian team and its members. None of them had any hope in the beginning. Srikanth admitted this at a banquet given by the Indian Commissioner to London.

England cricket officials gave the team no chance and suspended Lord’s Cricket Ground passes for the Indians until they advanced to the semi-finals.

A little aside. Long before the word WAGs came into the dictionary, Kapil Dev (Deepika Padukone, Deepika Padukone, one of the film’s producers), Amarnath, Madan Lal (Hardy Lane), Sunny Gavaskar (Tahir Raj Pasin) and Srikanth’s wives joined. The team went halfway through the match.


A still from 83.

After all it was 1983. Freedom had its limits. Batsmen do not play reverse sweeps or paddle shots; The concept of slack overs did not come into practice; Despite having to take runs in a reasonable clip, the best shop was still set up by playing with a straight bat. 83 Describes a significant deviation point in Indian cricket. The trophy came home, but, more importantly, the likes of Kapil Dev and Srikanth made announcements of a brand of unusual strokeplay that would transform the game in the years to come.

Indian cricket was really changing and so was the nation. There can be no competition for the thrill of that unforgettable day when India graduated in 1983. 83 Coming very close to achieving the impossible. That does not mean achievement. As the film and its main star break down and one eats the other, the result is a complete crack shot.


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