Rise of Omigron, a federal mandate returns and schools receive new guidance: Week in the Govt News.


Much of the world is on the edge again, enjoying Tijuana Wu as another uncertain holiday season begins.

This is because cases of corona virus are on the rise, and authorities around the world are preparing for a new wave triggered by the Omigron variant, which appears to be even more contagious and has played a key role in the sharp rise in infections in recent days. In Denmark, Omigron cases double every two days. In South Africa, Omigran spread twice as fast as the highly contagious delta variant.

The threat of Omicron is particularly acute in the UK, with government officials estimating that about 200,000 people a day are affected by the new variant. To control the increase in cases, British lawmakers enacted new rules, including a vaccination certification policy for nightclubs and crowded places. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, backed by members of his Conservative party, also announced plans to accelerate the country’s booster program.

Similar efforts to promote boosters have lagged behind in the United States, where authorities are preparing for a wave as infections increase and the rate of corona virus cases caused by the Omigron variant drastically increases. In New York State, Governor Kathy Hochul, who recorded the maximum single-day total cases on Friday, imposed a mask order on indoor areas that do not require proof of full vaccination. In New York City, infections have overshadowed Broadway shows and rockets are fast ending the season because of the “increasing challenges posed by the epidemic.”

But there is good news. Many new laboratory studies have shown that vaccines, and especially booster shots, Omicron provides protection against the ill effects of variation. However, research shows that variations are possible It affects many people who have been vaccinated or recovered from the fight with older versions of the virus.

In other news:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that students who have not been vaccinated against the corona virus can stay in school until they are tested for the virus twice a week, until both tests are negative. The new guideline, called the “stay test” protocol, will reduce the burden on children who are expected to stay home and parents who have to fight to recover them from school if tested positive for the close contact virus. Or find day care.

  • The CDC said on Thursday that the vaccines, other than Johnson & Johnson’s vaccines, are J & J. May trigger a rare coagulation disorder associated with at least nine deaths in the United States in the past year.

  • The Supreme Court on Monday allowed New York’s need to be vaccinated against the corona virus despite health workers citing religious objections.

  • Pfizer announced on Tuesday that his Govt treatment was found to prevent severe disease in a major clinical trial and that it could work against the Omigran variant.

  • A few days after the introduction of the corona virus vaccine pass system, the South Korean government is facing setbacks from some citizens who worry that their freedom has been exaggerated in the name of public health.


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