Robots are speeding up postal service in Greece


There is a new addition to Greece’s postal service: a fleet of yellow robots sorting by mail.

Fifty-five small, four-wheeled autonomous mobile robots — or AMR-powered by artificial intelligence — glide around the deployment center of the Hellenic Post in Athens, often speeding up the difficult process.

They scan the postal code, weigh the package, drive it with sensors, and empty it in the corresponding mail sacks set up around a platform.

The robots are part of the state – owned company’s digital restructuring program, which aims to handle the growing parcels from online shopping during corona virus infections.

Postal robot Robots assemble parcels at the Hellenic Post Deployment Center in Granary, Greece, October 4, 2021.

“Until recently, deployment was done through timely high-demand manual labor, often resulting in errors, thus increasing delivery delays to our customers and increasing company costs,” said Hellenic Post CEO George Constantopoulos. Reuters.

Up to 80% of parcel sorting has been handed over to robots and Constantopolos said the process was three times faster, ensuring delivery the next day. The robots can handle 168,000 parcels weighing up to 15kg a day and only need to be recharged every 4 hours for 5 minutes.

“The goal is not to replace human workers with robots, but to increase the number of human workers and make them more efficient,” Constantopoulos said.

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