Rs 15 crore worth of heroin hidden in Kenyan woman’s suitcase at Jaipur airport


Rs 15 crore worth of heroin hidden in Kenyan woman's suitcase at Jaipur airport

Preliminary testing by the Drug-Detection (DT) Kit revealed the presence of heroin


A Kenyan woman was arrested at the Jaipur International Airport with two kilograms of heroin and about 15 crore rupees worth of heroin in the international market today, a customs official said.

A 33-year-old woman on an Air Arabia flight from Sharjah was detained at the airport on the basis of the Look Out Circular (LOC), an official told NDTV.

According to the Immigration Department’s LOC, the woman had applied for the same mobile number provided by two Ugandan female passengers who were detained at the Delhi airport on November 13 with 12.9 kg of heroin and 12.9 kg of heroin. 90 crore.

Authorities suspected he was part of a syndicate involved in drug trafficking, searched his luggage, emptied a plastic suitcase and conducted an X-ray examination.

The radiograph of the suitcase, which was heavier than usual when empty, showed lumps of hidden objects, following which officers found fake boxes on its sides. Then they cut it out and found two large envelopes – each glued neatly on both sides with a strong adhesive.

The officer told NDTV that there was a white substance in the envelopes – some small lumps and particles and the rest in powder form.

Preliminary testing by the Drug Detection (DT) Kit revealed the presence of the heroin drug.

The officer said the smuggled goods had been confiscated and an investigation was underway.


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