Russia says Moscow has thwarted a terrorist attack



Russian security officials on Tuesday released new details about a group suspected of plotting a terrorist attack in Moscow with the support of the Islamic State group, which includes at least 12 Russian citizens trained in Syria.

So far only three suspects have been identified and all are men over the age of 20. The Muslim-majority regional Islamic insurgency in Chechnya continues even after two separatist wars. They appeared in Moscow court on Tuesday, which ordered them held for two months.

Security officials have not previously said how many suspects were arrested following the discovery of explosives Sunday at a Moscow apartment. They said the suspects planned to attack Moscow’s public transport system.

One of the 12 suspects, Aslan Baisultanov, was trained in Syria, Alexander Portnikov, director of the Federal Security Service or FSB, said on Tuesday.

Russian news agencies reported that an FSB official told the court that Byzultanov had brought explosives and detonators to Moscow from the Chechen capital, Grozny.

An unidentified FSP official said the terrorist attack was aimed at destabilizing Russia and halting Russian military airstrikes against the Islamic State group in Syria, news agencies reported. It is unclear how the security service came to this conclusion.

The other two suspects appearing in court were Elman Ashayev and Mohd Mejidov.


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