Samsung can bring virtual RAM support to more intermediate, primary phones



Samsung’s implementation of the expandable virtual RAM feature was showcased with the brand’s Galaxy A52s launched last month. Named ‘RAM Plus’, this feature allocates your phone’s unused storage space as virtual RAM, which you can use to slightly improve performance when using multiple processors at once.

A statement by Sammobile The RAM Plus feature claims to have gone with a new software update to the old Galaxy A52. The report also states that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will get the feature with the new update. Note that the Galaxy Z Fold did not start with 3 RAM plus.

This suggests that Samsung is bringing the performance enhancing feature to the lineup of older mid-range and flagship phones. This is not yet confirmed and there is no list of devices that support the feature, but the addition would be nice though.

A statement by Kismochina Samsung’s One UI 4.0 beta, which is based on Android 12, also claims not to bring the RAM Plus feature to phones like the Galaxy S21 series. However, this is only possible when standard updates begin to appear. Now, Samsung users can check with their update whether they have this feature on their phone. Settings / Battery and Device Maintenance / Memory.

Samsung’s RAM Plus feature does not perform well in our view because it does not allow users to turn off the feature. Also, you have no choice but to adjust how much virtual RAM you want to set up, something you can do on some new RealMe phones. However, Samsung may add these bits later.


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