Samsung Introduces Intensive Wash Dishwasher Range in India: Price, Features



Samsung has announced the launch of its next generation dishwasher in India. The dishwasher comes in four variants of stainless steel silver and white color options and starts at Rs 39,500. Consumers can buy dishwashers through Samsung’s official online store.

Dishwashers are said to be designed to clean Indian utensils. The device comes with 13 space systems that allow you to place a wide variety of dishes of different sizes in one wash cycle. The dishwasher comes with a triple rinse feature that uses three rinse cycles for improved cleaning.

The dishwasher comes with an auto release drying feature, which allows the dishwasher door to open automatically for steam escape for faster and better drying results.

“Maintaining high quality hygiene is especially important in Indian kitchens, especially in the kitchen. Our new dishwashers for India are designed to provide the best hygiene, while at the same time being energy and water efficient,” said Raju Fullen, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India.

Dishwashers come with an intensive wash feature to help clean heavily soiled dishes. This feature is also said to wash dishes at a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius with its triple rinse feature. The dishwasher comes with an auto release door feature that opens automatically at the end of the cycle.

The new range has an LED display that can be accessed to monitor and control dishwasher functions.

In addition, the dishwasher comes with a smart leak sensor that immediately stops the circulation, drains the water and displays an error message if any leak is detected. Samsung is powered by its next generation dishwasher insulation technology, which helps reduce noise while washing.


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