Satyameva Jayate 2 Review: Three John Abrahams, two, in the chaos of a movie


Satyameva Jayate 2 Review: Three John Abrahams, two, in the chaos of a movie

Satyameva Jayate2 Review: The movie’s promotional poster. (Image courtesy: thejohnabraham)

actors: John Abraham, Divya Khosla Kumar, Gautami Kapoor, Harsh Chaya

Director: Milap Milan Zaveri

Rating: 1 star (out of 5)

John Abraham is not the only role model for an idealistic interior minister, a murderous anti-corruption fighter, and his top gun duo, a gruesome cop who assigns the job of catching a murderer. Satyameva Jayate2. In the second half of the film the lead actor comes in an extended flashback in the guise of an honest father of siblings attacking a rich man and his thugs using a farmer’s plow as a deadly weapon. It adds three John Abrahams, two very many.

But wait, John Abraham’s triple dose is not a bad thing Satyameva Jayate2, Milap Milan Xavier set against the same leading actor Manoj Bajpayee in the wake of his 2018 success writing and directing. Writing is unbearably bad. Everything else in this insane mess of a movie, from acting to sound design, is unimaginable challenges. The ear-splitting background score is intended to drown out everything that catches the eye. It succeeds. All this makes a movie சூரியவன்ஷி Like a shimmering masterpiece.

Poor cinematic qualities are only one aspect Satyameva Jayate2. The film also spreads dangerous ideas about immediate justice and patriotism. No Hindi film has ever misused the tricolor flag in such a shameful manner Satyameva Jayate2 Will do. The film uses the national flag for the purpose of justifying unjust means of punishing the corrupt. In the deal, everything it does will tarnish the legitimate reputation of the world’s largest democracy.

None of this is, of course, intentional. The film reveals the idea of ​​pushing the giant army of a particular political shade, proving that the nation has been a basket for so many years and that a complete overhaul is needed for decades. Violent methods of bringing violators to justice, Satyameva Jayate2 In the process of removing all traces of corruption, it suggests that this is entirely justified, as some co-damages are inevitable.

The film shamelessly invites Mahatma Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. On the wall in a police office are photographs of the Father of the Nation with portraits of Subhash Chandra Bose, Babasaheb Ambedkar and Chandrasekhar Azad. But do not expect any service political brilliance from the writer. The screenplay, which pursues a fascist political course, evokes the notion that nothing is more important than the national interest. Don Man Tan Se Bhatkar Jana Kana Mana, The main male characters thunder in different parts of the film.

Until this country is completely free from corruption Yeh Azad Azadi Nahi Manayeka, Say two of the three truculent characters played by John Abraham. Their family name is Azad. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Everything it wants to say, even if it’s worth it, is hammered with the subtlety of a bulldozer. Therefore, all the three justices who deal with the most dishonest ways to prove their point are ‘Azad’. One son’s name is Satya and the other is Jai – hence the title of the film.

The sequel has nothing to do with the predecessor in terms of story and character. Satyameva Jayate does not mean that it would have benefited in any way if it had departed from where it ended. In retrospect, Satyameva Jayate2 2018 could not have been an extension of the film because it does not have John Abraham in it.

The three asads are more than a free mind Satyameva Jayate2 With free fists, they flex their muscles at will, attack people, and provoke noise through unilateral confrontations. Their enemies – doctors, businessmen, politicians, short-term fraudsters – are sitting like ducks. They throw them effortlessly. In one scene, it really is.

As Satyameva Jayate2 Opened, anti-corruption bill defeated in Vidhan Sabha. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. A few alliance partners are playing badly. What’s more, the home minister’s wife (Divya Khosla Kumar) joins the saboteurs. Issa Kehte Hain Democracy IC Li Mera Desh Mahan, Raises a contemptuous voice, suggesting that it is time to put an end to democracy and allow the vigilante hero to ride against constitutional principles.

Home Minister Satya Balram Azad (Abraham 1) delivered a scathing speech in response to the defeat on the ground in Vidhan Sabha, throwing a vicious note at a con and a con. கந்தன் Of terrorists. He relentlessly announces outside the council his decision to take the law into his own hands until all kinds of corruption are weeded out of this soil. He goes around punishing those who associate with wrongdoers. Terrible deaths continue.

Super cop Jay Balram Azad (Abraham 2) is used to catch the robber killer. Cut to college where a woman is bullied by a bully. It’s Independence Day. Rafian is bent on abusing his freedom. The police officer arrives just in time. The national anthem begins to ring as the guards take off their uniforms and begin to dust off the thugs after revealing the six-pack. He stands in focus. The hoodlums attack him. He does not move an inch. But once the anthem is over, the invincible lawyer jumps back into the fight and finishes the job.

Amidst the Khadi and Khaki clash, Satya and Jai’s mother (Gautami Kapoor), who was the victim of an accident two decades ago, are in a coma at a private clinic. Family friend and current Chief Minister Chandraprakash Sinha (Harsh Chaya) stands by the brothers despite being thick and thin.

A little girl died in front of the hospital as doctors went on strike. Forty madrassa students die after eating contaminated food and end up in a government health center without oxygen cylinders. The daughter of a martyr is rudely sent back by an officer while demanding her father’s pension.

The newly opened flyover is crumbling due to construction of substandard materials. A young woman was gang-raped by three men involved in politics. She sets herself on fire in full public view. Satya Azad is always on hand to help the meek. He has a way of rounding up every offender and delivering a brand of punitive action on the spot.

Describing would be a shortcoming Satyameva Jayate2 As a massive misstep. This is the unrelenting parody of a movie. The soundtrack is substandard and ear-splitting. The verses are not only embarrassing, but the handiwork of the third grade rhymester is also evident. The characters do not speak, they scream. There are unbridled goofy gems as the characters express humorous lines. There is nothing to break the one that puts Next to Ma Ki Kok is Bob Ka Tobe. Rhyme is terrible, delivery is terrible.

That is the gist of the film. Satyameva Jayate2 It redefines children in a way that even Bollywood filmmakers of the 1980s could not have dreamed of.

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