Scalcondi Time Real Wireless Earphones Review: Small package, good sound


In the domain of a few budget-centric brands, the cheap real wireless segment now sees the entry of many more brands, including those commonly known for premium options. This has made it more competitive, and buyers looking for genuine wireless earphones on a budget now have several options to choose from. What is generally lacking in this category is the interesting design and style. Skullcandy hopes to replace it with its latest genuine wireless headset. 2,399 Time.

Scalcondi is Time Company’s most affordable genuine wireless headset. It is a small form factor, giving Skalkandi a unique design and promise of styling and good sound quality. Rs. Is this the best pair of real wireless earphones you can buy for less than? 2,500? Find out in this review.

Skalkandi Time Review Earphones Skalkandi

The Scalcondy Time earpiece has physics button controls

Scalcondy Time compact, but antique charging case

The Scalcondi Time real wireless headset is set to be a compact option, although it is actually smaller, lighter, and more pocketable, which is not significantly more than options like the Oppo Enco Butts. Although the specific weights of the earpieces and the charging case are not specified, the SchoolCondi claims that the whole set weighs in at 32 grams — much lighter than the actual wireless headset, thanks to the plastic body and no-frills charging case.

Earpieces have a proper in-canal fit; Although I consider the fit to be safe and the noise isolation decent, the shape of the plastic material and the earrings were a bit tight for me. I was able to wear the earrings for about 30-40 minutes to an hour before giving my ears a little rest. The earphones are beautiful, with the classic Scalcondi industrial design and iconic skull logo giving them a modern, youthful look.

The restrictions on Scalcondy Time were a bit of a hassle for me. Each earpiece has only one physics button under the Scalcondi logo. I found it very embarrassing to use the button controls when wearing earphones because it caused problems with the fit, and occasionally caused a little pain when the ears were pressed into my ears.

Buttons control background and size. You can call the default voice assistant on your smartphone, answer calls, and control power and connectivity functions. I did, at times, take an earring out of my ear and press its button a little more comfortably, but it was easier for me to use my smartphone to control everything.

The Scalcondi Timeline charging case is very unique in size and shape, but it was too old for my liking. The stems of the earpiece stick through the holes in the lid, making it feel slightly thinner and more easily broken. When closed, the case was a bit difficult to open quickly. There is also a micro-USB port for charging the case, which is a drawback at any price point today.

In terms of hints and features, Scalcondy Time is simple and point-based. Earpieces support only 6mm dynamic drivers, 20-20,000 Hz frequency response range, Bluetooth 5 for connectivity and SBC Bluetooth codec. There are no advanced features like active noise cancellation, no application support either. However, you can use the earpiece separately, and it also has IPX4 water resistance.

Skalkandi Time Review Case Open Skalkandi

The charging case is small and light, but a bit strange to look at; The top is plain and the earrings are not kept tight

Battery life at Skalkandi Time is very low, even considering the size of the package. Each earpiece has a 20mAh battery capacity, while the charging case offers an additional 150mAh. In practice, this created about 3 hours, 30 minutes of operating time on the earpiece, with a total of 10 hours of battery life per charging cycle, plus two additional charges for the charging case. Charging the case was slow and took about three hours to fully charge when connected to my laptop.

Skalcondy Time is polite

There are oddities in the design, the specifications and features are basic, and the battery life is average. However, Scalcondi Time makes up for these shortcomings with sound quality. Despite the fact that the earphones only support the SBC Bluetooth codec, good driving and tuning make for a pleasant listening experience. I used Scalcondi Time with the iPhone 12 Mini (review) for most of my experiments, and Apple Music was my main music source.

Starting with Netsky’s song The Whistle, Scalcondi Time created a clean, spacious sound. While not tireless when it comes to low-end response, this drum-and-bass track exhibits both excitement, positive vibe, and drive and attack, while earphones are very efficient when it comes to detail and feel.

Skalkandi Time Review Earphones 2 Skalkandi

While the sound quality at Skalkandi Time is affordable, this headset has a lot of drawbacks when it comes to design and battery life.

The bass attack on Scalcondy Time was not as punchy and aggressive as I had heard on similar pricing options like the OnePlus Butts Z and the Realme Butts Q2, but it had a soft, quiet feel to it. Enough room to shine, sharp rises, and detail levels.

The sound quality was in line with what you would expect from the best choices in this price range, and the acoustic signature for a Scolcondi headset was unusually detailed and clean. Through The Must Be the Love by RT, Nadia Ali and BT, I found that the voice was somewhat blocked at Skalkandi Time; While these earphones emphasized the electronic elements on the track, Nadia Ali’s soulful voices seem to be lost in the imaging and electronic integrated music.

The Scalcondi Time earphones were loud, and the in-channel fit and the attractiveness of the sound created an overall pleasant listening experience. Although I mostly use these earphones indoors, traveling outside from time to time does not cancel out the noise but does not affect the sound quality much. I do not hear any distortion even at high volume levels, although it sounds a bit high at about 90 percent and above.

The connection on the Scalcondi Time earphones is stable and I was able to use this headset at a distance of 3m from my smartphone without any problems. Call quality is normal; Although I had no problem with home calls, the sound was a bit soft despite the high volume.


Scalcondi is known for its unique design and styling, and Time Wireless earphones are undeniably the best to look at. However, there are some issues with the fit, the charging case is slightly older with its eccentric lid and micro-USB charging port, only the SPC Bluetooth codec is supported, the controls are poor, and the battery life is average for such an affordable headset.

All in all, the sound quality is decent, making Time a decent pair of genuine wireless earphones. Consider this if you are a fan of Skalcondy style and want a detailed, fun sound pair of cheap genuine wireless earphones. On the other hand, options like Realme Buds Q2 and Oppo Enco Buds are also worth a look.

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