Scientists reconstruct the faces of Egyptian mummies using ancient DNA


About 2000 years ago, how were the Egyptians? Did they have dark skin and curly hair? The Virginia-based lab has now recreated the faces of three mummies using their DNA. All three men were predicted to be light brown, with no eyes and no hair and no blackheads.

Their findings were published last month at an international conference on human identity in Florida, USA.

Paraphone NanoLabs predicts the faces of mummies belonging to the ancient Nile community known as Abusir El-Melek. The site is believed to have lived from at least 3250 to 700 BC. Studies show that this area is of religious significance. They were dedicated to the god of Osiris or the dead.

In 2017, researchers from Germany published an article Nature It describes how they extracted ancient DNA from these mummies and what the genes say about their lineage.

Using this DNA, the paraffin nanolups conducted a detailed study and used the information to reconstruct the faces. “This is the first time that detailed DNA phenotyping has been performed on human DNA at this age,” the company writes.

The lab used new samples to predict the descent, skin pigmentation and facial morphology of the three mummies. “Interestingly, their descent was more similar to modern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern individuals than to modern Egyptians.”

These results were similar to the 2017 paper, “The ancient Egyptians shared more Eastern descent than the current Eastern Egyptians, and they have in recent times acquired an additional sub-Saharan mix.”

The forensic artist created the look of the mummies at the age of 25. They used special three-dimensional facial morphology to predict key features of the face, such as the size of the head and the distance between facial features.

Dr. Janet Cady, a bourbon bio-informatic who spearheaded the work, said in a new report that this new imitation technology could help examine challenging forensic models.

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