Self-regulation on social media does not work: The White House


Self-regulation on social media does not work: The White House

Jen Zaki answered questions about revealing Francis Hogan’s interview. (File)


Social media sites have made it clear that self-control is not working, and the White House on Monday stressed concerns about efforts to attract young users and negative effects on the mental health of young people.

“As we have seen from the revelations in that interview, in our view, this is the latest in a series of revelations on social media sites that make it clear that self – restraint does not work. That is the long – term vision of the administration.

Zaki responded to questions about an interview with former product manager Francis Hagen on Facebook to help protect him from election interference.

“They examine how social media giants operate and the significant concerns expressed by the president and lawmakers on both sides about the power they have amassed,” Zaki said.

“Reports in recent weeks, I think Whistleblower came to the fore in this report last night, are definitely troubling about the efforts to attract young users and the negative effects on the mental health of young people. They are not isolated incidents. Efforts, ”Saki said.

“Obviously, it depends on the intent of Congress, but of course, we expect these to continue in the ongoing revelations about the power of these sites,” the White House press secretary said.

Meanwhile, Senator Edward Markey, a member of the Business, Science and Transportation Committee, wrote to Facebook seeking answers after new research revealed that the company had failed to deliver on its promises to promote harmful advertising to Facebook users.

“These findings have raised serious doubts about Facebook’s compliance with the promises made publicly by your employees, and they have the direct knowledge that in the light of other recent reports, especially for Facebook, its sites can be harmful to young people,” Margie wrote. Letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“I plan to prevent Facebook from targeting teenage users with inappropriate and dangerous content,” he said.

As recently as September 2021, Facebook allowed advertisers to target teen users under the age of 13, according to research conducted by the Accountability Technology Transparency Program. Anorexia, smoking, dating services and gambling. “

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