Shraddha Kapoor started her week on the Sunny note. Here’s how


Shraddha Kapoor started her week on the Sunny note.  Here's how

This photo was shared by Shraddha Kapoor. (Image courtesy: Shraddhakpur)


  • Shraddha shared her photo
  • “Nasser Ai, sub ki bari muskurahat,” he wrote
  • “Ruh Main Gill Strategy, Ek Kehri Sahat,” he added

New Delhi:

If we have to choose the right actress for Bollywood’s “Sunshine Girl”, it will no doubt be Shraddha Kapoor. The actress, who is known for her glamorous looks and beautiful looks, wants to be simple both on and off screen. The actress who is a breath of fresh air on social media has now brightened up our Monday with a beautiful photo on the Goo Apple. In the picture, a bare-faced Shraddha Kapoor can be seen sitting on the grass in a meadow, bathing in the heat of the morning sun. You can put her shoes on the grass and a bench behind her in her backpack.

Shraddha Kapoor also shared a beautiful pair with the photo. In Hindi, the actress wrote, ” Nasser Ai, Suba Ki Bari Muskurahat, Ruh Mei Gil Utte, Ek Kehri Sahat. (I got a glimpse of the beautiful smile of the morning. Now, a deep desire has blossomed in the depths of my soul.) ”She finished the title with sun, purple heart and wood emojis.

Fans and followers of the actress loved the film Shayari, Be sure to compliment her on the comments.

Recently, Shraddha Kapoor, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, created waves on social media by expressing her thoughts on what we as a society can do to prevent any form of violence against women. Shraddha Kapoor spoke to Nishta Satyam, UN Representative for Women’s Timor Leste, at the event and offered her support to women in need. The actress, who shared a video on the Goo app, explained that it is important to understand that violence is not just physical. “Furthermore, some of these acts of violence do not leave any visible symptoms, which can leave them completely unnoticed for many years. He explained.

At work, Shraddha Kapoor was last seen பாகி 3 And music video Kill the sorghum. He will be starring in Love Ranjan’s next film.


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