Shriya Charan creates memories with baby girl at beach


Shriya Charan creates memories with baby girl at beach

Shriya Charan shared this photo. (Image courtesy: shriya_saran1109)

New Delhi:

Shriya Charan is all set to dive into the coming year with a beach holiday. Also, his holiday clips are pretty packed. She is not alone. Her daughter Radha plays a key role in her favorite holiday photos and videos. The actress is currently enjoying her time at Goa beach. Radha also seems to be taking baby steps towards holiday goals. In the video shared by Shriya, we see how she holds Radha’s hands and helps the baby to walk on the sand. Shriya is seen wearing an emerald green swimsuit with a neckline.

Mother-daughter twins kissing the sun hold our hearts.


Shriya Saran’s vacations are not enough. She took a selfie with her husband Andrei Kozhiv and posted it. They both look at the camera and smile after drowning in the sea. The actress wrote on her Instagram, “Love and happiness to all of you.”


In another photo, Shriya Charan poses with her husband drowning in blue water. The actress hugged her husband from the side and posed with a dramatic smirk. He wrote, “Thank you” and added the emoji “Smiling face with halo”.


In another snapshot, Sriya Charan posed in a tank top and shorts leaning against a coconut tree. The beautiful location was enough to send us some nice vacation trips. The actress wrote to her fans, “Happy Holidays guys.”


Seen from the top of a cliff, it gives us a bird’s eye view of the beautiful place. In the foreground, we see Shriya Charan and her husband. In the background is an extension of the vast green islands across the blue sea and ocean. Shriya has titled the film, “Let’s Dive This Year”.


Shriya Charan has already rang the bell for next year. Say goodbye to 2021, he expects the best in 2022. The actress, who posted her photo in a pink bikini and white poncho, wrote, “Let’s pray 2022 is full of beautiful memories.”


Shriya Charan became a known face in Bollywood with her outstanding performance in the Hindi version Trishya. He will next star in SS Rajamouli’s Telugu film. R.R.R., In which Ajay Devgan is also featured.


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