Since the ambition is to defeat the BJP, speakers in different voices will unite: Sasi Tharoor


Opposition parties will unite in the end ...: Sasi Tharoor

Sasi Tharoor mocked the decision of the central government to observe Good Governance Week


Senior Congress leader Sasi Tharoor on Saturday expressed hope that the opposition, which has been speaking out against the old party, will unite as it shares the sole aim of defeating the BJP.

The former Union Minister mocked the Federal Government’s National Democratic Alliance government for its decision to observe Good Governance Week and said that “good governance” has not been seen for the past seven years because of the politics of slogans and symbols instead of good governance.

Speaking at the launch of the book ‘Pride, Prejudice & Panditri’, Tharoor said, “Freedom voices are being suppressed in the country at present. The book launch was organized by the Prabha Kaithan Foundation.

“Even a week in politics is a very long time. So the next Lok Sabha election is still two and a half years away. There is hope that those who speak with different voices will come together and defeat the BJP. The goal is to defeat not only the BJP but also its policies and politics,” he said on the sidelines of the event.

Various opposition parties, including the Trinamool Congress, have accused the Congress of failing to fight the BJP.

Mr Tharoor said the country had been without good governance for the past seven years since the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance came to power. Year. So just one week of good governance will not be enough. They (NDA) must work together and serve not just once, but throughout the year.

Following his attack, Mr Tharoor said, “The problem with this government is that these (Good Governance Week) are all about gestures, identity politics, politics of slogans. What you need to see is the essence of good governance. Missing. We only have slogans and identity politics.”

As part of Good Governance Week, the Center will launch a nationwide campaign on Monday to address public grievances and improve services in rural areas, especially in rural areas.

A series of events are planned by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions during the week of December 20 to 25.


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