Sobhita Tulipala’s “Island Life” pictures are made in heaven


Sobhita Tulipala's 'Island Life' pictures were made in heaven

Sopita Tulipala shared this photo (thanks Sopita)


  • Sofita is in Indonesia for work
  • He shared some photos of Sunday’s trip
  • “Island Life,” she captioned the photos

New Delhi:

Hello, Sofita Tulipala! The Part of Blood The actress checked in on Instagram from her workplace and sent her followers into a trance. Sofita Tulipala, who has about 525k followers on Instagram, has been enjoying her life time in Indonesia. The Created in heaven The actress shared scenes of her “island life” from Padam, the largest city on the Indonesian island of Riau. In the photos, Sofita dazzles with every line – the white hat and her hair that accurately tell the island vibes. Sofita was in the mood to walk around barefoot, and she did just that. Sobita’s post was showered with fire icons and heart-shaped emojis.

Here is how Sofita Tulipala increased her cooling system in Indonesia:

Sofita Tulipala went to Patna for work earlier this year. In January, he shared this update on Instagram: “This is a new beginning, congratulations to you all” and hashtagged it as “the first shoot of 2021”.

Last year, Sofita Tulipala became famous for her responses when she was accused of forging a self-portrait photoshoot. Sophia shared some photos from her self-styled photoshoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, and wrote that they were clicked on the “self-timer”, and soon the behind-the-scenes photo was taken for scenes similar to Sofita’s. In a later statement, Sofita clarified that only one of the two photos she shared was clicked by her and the other was shot by a “kind man” who offered to help.

Sofita Tulipala is very popular on Amazon Prime web show Created in heaven, In which he played the role of a marriage planner and got into marital problems. He has appeared on two Netflix web shows – Part of Blood And Ghost stories. She has also acted in films like Sofita Tulipala Body, <> Chef and Raman Raghav.

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