Sonos Beam Review: Soundbar for the Pure



Despite its cult around the world, Sonos is a brand that is not very popular in India. That may soon change with the attention the company is showing in the late Indian market. And during this festive season it is lining up new products with aggressive prices.

Sonos Beam Soundbar will be one of the devices that will delight Indian audiences. The Sonos Beam certainly has a stand-alone design, which is the smallest TV soundbar I have ever seen. Although most soundbars are not long, it is on the slightly higher side and you have to be careful with the placement or you can block the TV’s remote control.

The Sonos Beam certainly has a unique design. (Image Credit: Nandagopal Rajan / Express Image)

The Sonos Beam has a very small design with a play / pass button surrounded by volume controls. The beam is designed as a material and does not need to be turned off or physically activated once you have set it up.

Behind the beam are power, HDMI (arc) and Ethernet ports. There is also a button that you must use if you want to reset the links.

At the top of the soundbar, there is a mic sign indicating that you can control the device with voice if needed – you can set it up with Alexa or Google Assistant using the Sonos app, although both services are not available. In India at this time.

The Sonos app takes care of all your needs. It sets the new device to WiFi and then connects all your music accounts to the speaker, such as Apple Music and Spotify, to help determine the quality of the summary if needed. You can do a lot more, but for regular users this can be a bit complicated. As for the TV, I had to use an arc connection using an HDMI cable to connect the devices.

One thing to note is that as a company Sonos has not shown much interest in WiFi. There are a few reasons for this, but for music lovers the Bluetooth connection can be annoying because it comes with all the sounds on the phone. WiFi on the other hand lights up music and you can do it from anywhere as long as you are on the same network.

The Sonos Beam has a very small design with a play / pass button surrounded by volume controls. (Image Credit: Nandagopal Rajan / Express Image)

So to play music – since I could not set voice commands – I was streaming music through the Sonos processor with Apple Music or using AirPlay directly from the Apple Music app. In the Sonos app, I connected my Spotify and Audible. And this is the best way, because there is no interruption to the music.

Now let’s get to the music, the best part of this device. Sonos has always had a very different and unique audio profile, which is a favorite of millions of users. Sonos Beam carries this tradition with a clear, natural high-fidelity audio signature.

There is no concentration of bass here. Voices cut the room almost under the whip. Beam is like the perfect speaker for a Jagjit Singh or to get my weekly solution of Ravindra Sangeet. Pleasure to the ears and your mind even while playing the more contemporary Pradeep Guhat beam. But then the transition from Beam Versatile and Suba Mutkal’s Itne Carib to Doja Cat Girl is unstoppable. Everything is another song for Beam, because it does the basics well. Nothing threatens this little music bar.

You have to be careful when placing the soundbar or you can block the remote control of the TV. (Image Credit: Nandagopal Rajan / Express Image)

As the TV soundbar, the beam fills the room. And it has a very clear audio profile, which means you listen to every conversation well and you don’t need verses to get the best 5W speaker on your tele.

At a special festive price of 37,399, the Sonos Beam is on the steep side. But the audio quality is very good and if you love your music like me you will not regret even a little bit. In fact, I already plan to buy this. The beam delivers the music the way I want it to, clean, punchy and precise.


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