Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) Scheme: The Government has fixed the issuance price for the 8th installment of the 2021-22 Sovereign Gold Bonds Scheme: See Price here


The 8th installment of the Gold Bonds program opens on Monday: Check out the issue price

Shaving Gold Bonds: The unit issue price for the eighth installment is set at ₹ 4,791.

Sovereign Gold Bond 2021-22 Plan: The eighth installment of the government-run 2021-22 Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme opens for subscription on Monday, November 29, 2021. The eighth series will be open to investors for five days, from November 29 to December 3. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set the schedule for the 2021-22 Gold Bond Scheme. (read more: Gold Bond Series VII-X: Important Things to Know)

For the eighth installment of the Gold Bond Scheme for 2021-22, the issue price will be Rs. 4,791 per unit equivalent to one gram of gold. The release date for the installment is set for December 7, 2021. After the current series, the Gold Bond Scheme will be available for subscription in two more installments in the current financial year.

Interest-bearing gold bonds are a popular way to buy yellow metal in a non-physical form. Gold bonds are considered a safe bet for investment and are linked to the market price of the precious metal.

Sovereign Gold Bonds 2021-22 Series VIII: November 29-December 3; What do you need to know

Issue price

For the Gold Bond Scheme 2021-22 Series VIII, the Central Bank will provide Rs. Set the issue price at 4,791 the equivalent of one gram of gold.

The issue price of each installment will be determined in rupees based on the simple average of the final price of 999 pure gold over the last three working days by the Mumbai-based India Bullion and Jewelers Association (IBJA). The week before the subscription period.

Discount for online subscribers

For all subscribers who want to invest in the Gold Bond Scheme online up to Rs. The Reserve Bank of India has said that the 50 discount will apply. For online subscribers, the issue price of a gram of gold in the eighth installment of the 2021-22 Sovereign Gold Bonds program is set at Rs 4,741.

What experts say-

Fears surrounding the new variant of the virus have raised new concerns, which led to a softening in the US dollar and a rise in the price of gold. But improvements in the economic climate, inflation levels around the world and rising rate of opportunity to control inflation could put pressure on gold.

Moving forward, at the US Federal Reserve meeting in December, rates, economic data and guidance on the movement of the dollar will guide the price of gold until the Middle Ages, ” said Millwood Founder and CEO Mr. Nish Butt said. Kane International.


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