Sri Lankan diplomat at UN says truth-seeking mechanism to find missing persons in mid-October


A senior diplomat has said that Sri Lanka’s proposed Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Compensation Office and the Judiciary will be finalized in mid-October after the Reconciliation Advisory Committee submits its report.

Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ravinatha Aryasinha said a wide-ranging consultation was being held by an 11-member working group at the UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva.

“In all these processes, the government and government agencies are working closely and in consultation with the UN and OHCHR and other international experts,” the ambassador said on Thursday.

“We have been working closely with the ICRC in the area of ​​dealing with missing persons, especially in the office of missing persons, training and skills development requirements and gaining expertise and sharing experiences from other countries. There are similar mechanisms,” Aryasinha said.

Sri Lanka must respond to a UN Human Rights Council resolution adopted in 2014 calling for an independent inquiry into alleged war crimes against government troops and the LTTE during the country’s civil war.

The UN estimates that 40,000 people, many of them civilians, were killed during Sri Lanka’s nearly three-decade-long civil war.

During last October’s sessions in Geneva, the UN Human Rights Council, along with Sri Lanka, summoned a resolution calling for an international inquiry with foreign judges, lawyers and investigators.

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited the island last year.

“We hope that our involvement with the UN and human rights mechanisms will be in the interest of our people, seeking advice and feedback, and providing expertise and technical assistance that will benefit us in capacity building and stabilization. Strengthening our own local institutions,” the Ambassador added.

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