Sri Lankan Wrestling Leader Dumps Team, Vanishes in Oslo


Sri Lankan Wrestling Leader Dumps Team, Vanishes in Oslo

The Sri Lankan wrestler leader threw his team and disappeared in Oslo.© AFP

Officials said on Monday that the Sri Lankan wrestling manager had abandoned his team during the United World Wrestling Championships and disappeared in Norway and may be trying to stay in Europe illegally. Sarath Hewavitharana, president of the South Asian Wrestling Federation, said Donald Indrawansa had disappeared from a hotel hotel for three days for the match in Oslo and could not join the team when they returned to Sri Lanka on Friday. “We suspect he will try to enter Switzerland,” he told AFP. “There was a Sri Lankan who tried to take a bus ticket.”

Hawai’i said the manager had alerted Oslo police and other Norwegian officials about the disappearance.

“We warned the authorities there was no way he could stay in Oslo,” he said. “He often wants to move to another European country, mostly Switzerland.”

Sri Lankan athletes are known to have disappeared from international events in the past.

During the 2014 Asian Games in South Korea, two athletes took a run for it and were undetected, and in 2007 three jump coaches bolted in Italy.


The entire handball team went missing in the 2004 tournament in Germany. There was no handball team in Sri Lanka at that time and a fake team of 23 people entered the country and disappeared.

The plot was turned into a film in 2008 by an Italian-Sri Lankan production team.

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