Stop going to Lucknow and not allowed to see Priyanka: Robert Vadera


Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra on Wednesday said he was prevented from going to Lucknow to inquire about his wife’s health.

In a Facebook post, Vadra said that he had packed his bags to go to Lucknow but was informed that he would not be allowed to leave the airport. “It’s totally shocking, as a husband I couldn’t even support my wife,” he added.

On Tuesday, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupathi Bagel was banned from leaving the Lucknow airport. In a video he shared on Twitter, Bagel was known to be sitting at the airport He said he was not going to go to Lakhimpur Kerry to stop her from leaving the premises.

A five-member team led by Rahul Gandhi is also trying to reach Lakhimpur today.

“I am very worried for her,” Vadra added, adding, “I am incredibly shocked at how Priyanka was arrested under Section 151 (Arrest for preventable offenses). I spoke to her yesterday and she was not given any order or notice.” She told me he had not appeared before a judicial officer and was not allowed to meet his legal adviser.

In a statement on Tuesday evening, Gandhi said the Uttar Pradesh police were present when he was jailed at the PAC premises in Sitapur. He verbally announced his arrest Under Section 151 but she was not shown any warrant or FIR.

Gandhi was arrested after being detained for more than 24 hours. Along with her, at least A further 10 people were arrested Including Congress leader Deepender Singh Hooda, UP Congress state president Ajay Kumar Lallu and party MLC Deepak Singh.

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