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The Story of Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran’s Story (Sudha Chandran Biography): In today’s article, we will learn about a personality who was very fond of dancing. she lost her right leg in an accident.

Should she now give up before her destiny or set an example for the world by becoming an excellent dancer in the face of her troubles?

This is the story of Sudha Chandran who won everyone’s heart with her dance at a young age but one day suddenly something happened to her that changed the girl’s whole world. She had an accident in which she lost one of her legs.

The feet that started trembling to the tune of the song Hamesa suddenly became silent. But the girl created a history in front of the world without pitying her condition.

Through her fake leg, physical deficiency was converted into a ability and created a character that became an example for others.

Who doesn’t know Sudha Chandran, who has made a special place in everyone’s hearts not only with dance but also with her acting art. From the film world to the world of TV serials, Sudha Chandran ji is famous all over India as Kaahin Kissii Roz’s Ramola Sikand and Naagin Yamini Singh Raheja.

Through this article Sudha Chandran’s Story (Sudha Chandran Biography in Hindi), today we will learn about her inspiring story and the biography of Sudha Chandran. You can also call it “Biography of Ramola Sikand” because nowadays Sudha Chandran ji is more famous by this name.

Sudha Chandran Biography

Sudha Chandran was born on September 21, 1964 in the state of Kerala. Sudha ji hailed from a middle class family but still her parents gave Sudha ji higher education from Mumbai.

Sudha ji was fond of dancing since childhood so at the age of just 3, she started learning Indian classical dance. She used to study dance after completing her schooling.

From the age of 5 to the age of 16, she had achieved fame as a great artist of Bharatnatyam by giving more than 75 stage shows. She had received many national and international awards.

Sudha Chandran’s Life Introduction in Brief

Sudha Chandran’s road accident and successful artificial leg
One day, while she was returning with her parents on a bus from a temple in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, an oncoming truck hit her car hard. A lot of people were injured in that terrible accident.

The injured people were taken to the hospital and after taking Sudha ji to the hospital it was found that she had broken her leg bone. The doctor bandaged her leg.

A few moments later, the doctor said that an infection in Sudhaji’s right leg, which is similar to that of Gangrene, had unfortunately been in her broken leg, which could endanger Sudha’s life if it was not amputated in time.

On hearing this, her parents allowed the doctor to cut off Sudhaji’s leg. The girl who was fond of dancing could not walk yet. Lying on the bed, she kept on pushing her luck.

They began to feel that their future had gone completely into darkness due to the absence of one leg. The girl who once dreamed of becoming a famous dancer had transformed her world in no time, as if everything was over.

Sudha’s serious condition was adversely affecting her as well as her parents. The people of the society looked at Sudha and her parents with compassion and mercy.

Her parents did not like to leave during the day and even to take shabji, she often went into the dark at night because people asked unpleasant questions about Sudhaji’s disability. Sudha ji was very offended by this behaviour of the people.

Sudha ji’s prana

That’s when Sudha ji took a vow, she has to do something to show people that there has been no accident in her life, she is exactly the same today as she used to be. And to show this, Sudha ji made dance her goal again.

They had to do something that would make their parents proud of them.

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Sudha ji and Dr Sethi meet

One day, lying in the hospital, Sudha ji suddenly noticed the “miraculous foot” (Miraculous foot) in the India Today newspaper, which had a detailed discussion of Dr. Sethi’s “Jaipur Foot”.

Dr Sethi was awarded the Magsaysay Award with the invention of jaipur foot. Seeing that news, Sudha ji wrote a letter to Dr. Sethi that she wanted to meet him. Dr Sethi agreed to meet Sudha ji.

When Sudha ji met the doctor, she started seeing a light of hope that she would be able to fulfill her dream. He asked the doctor without delay: “Will I be able to walk again? Do you think I’ll be able to dance again because of the Jaipur foot?”

Dr Sethi replied, “Why not? All this depends on your thinking, if you want to dance again you can,” the doctor’s word had a profound impact on Sudhaji’s life. Sudha underwent an operation and was planted at Jaipur.

Gradually Sudha ji grew emboldened and forgot the tragic accident and turned her attention to her dream again. With her fake feet, she taught the art of dancing again. She started practising dance day and night. She also suffered a lot in this practice.

But after two years of hard work Sudha ji had become completely excellent in dance. They got a chance to showcase their art again.

People’s reaction was inspiring when she performed with her fake legs on stage. The applause echoed throughout the house for a long time. Gradually, there was talk about them all over the country.

Sudha’s story began to appear in the journals. It was then that noted filmmaker Ramoji Rao caught sight of her story. She made a film on Sudha’s life in Telugu in 1984 called “Mayuri” in which Sudha also played the lead character.

Sudha ji won everyone’s heart with her dance in this film. The film was quite successful. Her film was also made in Hindi called “Nache Mayuri” which was appreciated all over the world. She was also awarded the National Film Award for the film.

Sudha Chandran’s life has changed since then and since then she has acted in a lot of films and is currently active in a lot of Hindi serials. Sudha Chandran is an Indian actress working in malayalam, tamil, telugu, Hindi, marathi, gujarati and kannada film industry.

Sudha Chandran thus did not allow her disability to become her weakness and became a successful actress.

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