Summarize Namrata Shirotkar’s Miss India Days and “Journey So Far” in one post


Summary of Namrata Shirotkar's Miss India days and 'Journey so far' in one post

– A still from the Namrata Shirodkar video. (Courtesy Namratashirodkar)


  • “A glimpse of my journey so far,” Namrata wrote
  • “I am blessed and proud of how it ended,” he added
  • “Still in the process of developing,” wrote Namrata Shirodkar

New Delhi:

The last week of any year is a good time to see how far one has come in the last 12 months. Actress Namrata Shirodkar is taking this opportunity to look back on her journey not only last year but so far. The star, who is married to actor Mahesh Babu, has shared a special montage video featuring precious moments from her childhood till today. This clip, which is a collection of important milestones in his career and personal life, will bring a smile to the viewer’s face. In the title, Namrata Shirodkar wrote, “Look back on my journey so far! Incredible joy … blessed and proud of how it ended. In the process of still developing, it is exciting to see what the future holds.

This video shows Namrata Shirodkar as a toddler and the winner of the 1993 Miss India pageant. In the clip, you can hear him answer a question during the match. She says, “I’m a modern woman because I trust my instincts.” Following are the clips he worked on Bride and Groom With Aishwarya Rai and வம்சி, The film in which she meets and falls in love with her current husband Mahesh Babu.

The video also shows her marriage to Mahesh Babu and the arrival of their two children Gautam and daughter Siddhartha. In this video Namrata Shirodkar works with her team in her philanthropic endeavors. Unstoppable Sia acts as the perfect background score for the video.

Recently, Namrata Shirotkar attended a dinner in Dubai with her sister Shilpa Shirotkar, businessman Upasana Kamineni and designer Manish Malhotra. Sharing the pictures, Namrata wrote, “Colorful lunches with great food. I had a lovely afternoon with the favorite people of Dubai. ” And he tagged Upasana and said, “Needless to say Upasana, no one can hold a Brunsana other than you. Thank you so much for making it happen!

Responding to this post, Upasana Kamineni, who married actor Ram Charan Teja, said, “It is so much fun. This should be done in Hyderabad.

Namrata often shares pictures and videos with her family on Instagram. He recently shared a picture with his daughter Sidara from Switzerland saying, “I am waiting with small hand garlands on the wings. Trying to watch a play with two ducks nodding in shallow water … what a scene. Until the time came .. our boat came and pushed us back to the disappearing mountain called Bergenstock. That’s where our little Swiss vacation started.

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Namrata Shirotkar last starred in the film Rok sako do rok lo. She has been married to Mahesh Babu since 2005.


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