Temples flooded under historic Thai city


Underwater temples, monks paddle boats flood hit historic Thailand city

Ayutthaya, a historic city in Thailand, has been hit by heavy rains.

Ayutthaya, Thailand:

Many temples in Thailand’s historic city of Ayutthaya were under water on Wednesday as heavy rains flooded across the country.

The city says more than 40 temples in Ayodhya, home to ancient Buddhist temples, ruins and monuments, have been affected by the floods.

In one of the temples, Wat Sadhu, the monks paddled small boats in the water from thigh depth to neck level.

“This is the worst flood in 10 years,” its abbot, Fr.

Authorities have issued flood warnings in most parts of the country over the past two weeks, killing nine people and affecting nearly 300,000 families as tropical cyclone Dianmu caused flash floods in 32 of Thailand’s 76 provinces.

Sixteen provinces were inundated on Wednesday, including Ayutthaya, and officials warned of another tropical storm that could reach the northeastern part of the country next week.

In 2011, Thailand experienced the worst flooding in five decades, affecting 65 of its 76 provinces and killing hundreds.

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