The 2,700-year-old toilet found in Jerusalem is a rare luxury


While the private baths in the Holy City were luxurious, Israeli archaeologists discovered a rare ancient toilet 2,700 years ago in Jerusalem.

The Israeli Antiquities Commission found a soft, carved limestone toilet in a rectangular cabin that was now part of a spacious mansion overlooking the old city. It sat comfortably and dug into the bottom of the deep septic tank.

Director of Excavations Yakov Bilik said, “A private toilet was very rare in ancient times, and only a few have been discovered to this day. Only the rich can buy toilets.”

The Archaeological Commission says animal bones and pottery found in the septic tank may shed light on the lifestyle and food and ancient diseases of the people living at the time.

Archaeologists have unearthed stone capitals and columns from that time, and said there is evidence of nearby gardens and orchards and aquatic plants – more evidence that the inhabitants were very wealthy.

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