The amazing display of attached Christmas lights is how a community came together


So, Matt Ricks, who lives in the block with his wife Kerry, decided to spread some holiday joy in December 2020, when he discovered that his next-door neighbor on the street was struggling with depression. Ricks, who had a hard time during the epidemics, hung up his Christmas lights early because he needed a little fun. He picked up a string from a tree across the street and connected it to his neighbor’s house.

Soon, they went house to house and switched on the lights until the whole set was burning. They all did it again this year for Ricks CNN, and a neighbor created a metal sign by hand saying “Love lives here”.

“I’m getting dressed for the holidays, I’m a little early. It was really before Thanksgiving, but it was a very dark time for all of us. I do not want to wait any longer,” Ricks recalled last season. “I wanted to go upstairs and light things up. So, I climbed the tree and lit the lamps on my tree and wanted to see if I could put them across the street. I was so excited when I did that. Go across the street and light them up.”

Rick’s neighbor Lipa Camiso was next.

“As soon as Matt did that, I’m talking to my street neighbor, ‘Hey, we’ll do that too,'” he says. “It will book the module, you will drive through a lamp and then when you leave the block you will exit it. But it’s more difficult to hang those lights than one can imagine.”

That’s where Tom Desert came in. Neighbor who soon figured out how to rig a thread one after the other, create a canopy over the block and plant anchors in each lawn and put the threads in the right place.

“Once there was work to be done, Tom came out and he helped us because it’s so hard. They’m heavy, those lights,” says Comiso. “Tom was able to get our lights on, and then we’re all going to do it.”

Neighbors got in the car and “removed the home depot,” he says.

The message of love

Neighbors connect their holiday lights on Dunkirk Rd.  In Dawson, MD.  Tradition combined with 32 homes by 2020.

Melissa Timugio, a neighbor, decided to add a nice touch. While pinking shows on Netflix, he bent over the wire hangers as a sign that read “Love lives here”. She circled it with lights, helping to show the desert.

“I missed hanging my own thread, I really wanted to participate,” Timugio tells CNN. “It moved to see six or seven strands of light going across the street. So I made the sign.”

DiMuzio held a poll with a neighbor to see what the sign had to say.

“It allowed me to think outside of the happy holiday arena,” he says. “Last was the love that lives here, which was actually what my mom gave me on a wooden board in my garage.”

Says the desert is very relevant.

“We have 32 homes in this block, and despite differences in opinions and beliefs, and you want to see it, everyone here loves each other,” he says. “I think love lives here, which explains how it works in this volume.”

Comiso agrees.

“This is a very special place,” he says. “We have parents here with all the children.

This year, Black added a large mailbox where children could send their letters to Santa Claus at the North Pole.

If everything goes downhill in January, the desert will be responsible for that as well.

“I have to take a day off to reduce it. At least the highs,” he says. “They are about 30 feet in the air at the highest peaks in the block.”

He says a neighbor who believed Ricks would cheer at first is doing better these days. The joint light display has raised everyone’s excitement.

“We all suffer from time to time,” Ricks says. “This time last year she was in a dark place, and I was. I was offered three jobs, all of which were canceled because of Govt. I broke down and failed. I think they need a little light. In their lives, this will be a better environment.”


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