The best TV shows of 2021


Overall, the defined series acted as a stand-alone genre this year, creating more memorable performances than any other at least, as long as the same networks were trying to create encores.

Network Television elevated its game with some ambitious and fun new series, beyond the usual characters soup of practical crime. The documentaries, meanwhile, directed the news cycle at some point (see “Framing Britney Spears”) and filmed the political challenges facing the United States at this time (HBO’s “Four Hours at the Capitol” and “Q: Into the Storm”).
For those looking for this list of overseers, of course there are many, and many topics are sure to be considered. They include the Emmy-winning “Dead Lasso” which has never struck like anywhere else in this quartet and did even less in a somewhat random second season; And “Squid Game” is definitely one of the most influential projects of the year, and its shortcomings (see those rich hosts) did not get a place in the best.
Also, Marvel’s “WandaVision” in a sense refers to all that the studio has achieved in expanding to streaming four Disney + shows launched in 2021, although others have their merits in different sizes.

With that denial, the TV highlights of 2021 are not in any particular order, they are categorized as much as possible, reflecting in a small way the breadth of what is available:

New broadcast series

Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambedkar "Demons"

Winner Circle: “The Big Leap” (Fox), “Ghosts” (CBS)

The two shows provided a mix of humor and surprising warmth, initially involving actors and crew mounted on a fictional reality show, the latter recreating the British humor of a couple moving into a new home, giving the wife the ability to see and hear ghosts living there near death. Add an honorable mention to “Ordinary Joe” (NBC), which is an ambitious concept that started with great promise, but did not sustain it; And ABC’s “The Wonder Years” reboot.

Return series

Jeremy Strong "Heir"

Winner Circle: “Heir” (HBO)

Even in all the hoops surrounding this HBO play, the third season was individually in a class that developed towards an epic finale that seemingly restored the playground. Also, with possible apologies for “The Crown” (which did not make its debut in 2021) and a select few others, the series currently has some of the best actors on television.

Limited series

"White lotus"  Will be back for a second season at the new location.

Winner Circle: “The White Lotus” (HBO), “Mare of Easttown” (HBO), “Topsick” (Hulu), “The Underground Railroad” (Amazon), “Wandavision” (Disney +)

“The White Lotus” explores the classroom at a luxury resort and offers a magnificent showcase for Kate Winslet at “May of the Easttown” and a truly booming year for limited editions of “Wandavision” touring Sitcom history through a pair of Avengers. Strange and sad love story.
“The Underground Railroad”, meanwhile, presented an attractive alternative history of America and slavery, while “Tobsick” despite some hiccups felt the urgency of separating the Burdock pharma and opioid crisis from many angles. (Also recommended: Alex Kipney’s documentary entitled “The Crime of the Century.”)

Screen stage

Caesar Samoa, Sharon Wheatley, k.  Smith and Tony LeBeau "Come from away."

Winner Circle: “Come From Away” (Apple TV +), “Derek Del Gaudio In & Atself” (Hulu)

In one year, with an abundance of musicals, Apple filmed the September 11 stage show based on the true story of those temporarily stranded in Newfoundland. According to Delcadio, he rediscovered magic as a one-man show on TV, which was brilliantly expanded into his live presentation.


"Muhammad Ali,"  It aired on PBS.

Winner Circle: “Framing Britney Spears” (FX), “Muhammad Ali” (PBS), “Four Hours at the Capitol and Q: Into the Storm” (HBO)

With many Britney Spears making no plans to direct a particular news story in the first of many documentaries, this New York Times present attempt eventually led to the termination of her conservatism after 13 years. Ken Burns’ appearance as the best boxer of all time, including those screened in theaters such as “The Wall” and “Brian Wilson: The Long Promised Road”, won the Champion title in significant documentary profiles in one year.

“Four Hours at the Capitol,” meanwhile, provided a visceral portrait of the events of January 6, while “Q: Into the Storm” traced those events to the sketchy roots of the movement, whose impact landed on its rabbit hole.

New faces / voices

D'Barro Woon-a-Toy, Paulina Alexis, Lane Factor and DeVary Jacobs "Reservation Docs"

Winner Circle: “Booking Dogs” (FX), “College Girls’ Sex Lives” (HBO Max)

Adult Native-American adolescents in Oklahoma and college students at a privileged university have a lot of series that capture two different sides of young people struggling to find themselves, revealing new talents but giving these two an edge.

Renaissances / Restarts

Ralph Machio and William Sabka "Cobra coy."

Winner Circle: Dexter: New Blood (Showtime), Cobra Coy (Netflix).

Despite initial skepticism about bringing back “Dexter” That In the final, new season Michael C. Starting with a mix of Hall’s bad humor and threatening threats, he recaptured the best of the series. As for the “The Karate Kid” renaissance (it was booked in 2021, returning from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31), the show’s renewed its fourth season and demonstrated interesting discoveries in playing with its transformative allies.

Fab four times two

"The Beatles: Get Back"  Streaming on Disney +.

Winner Circle: The Beatles: Get Back (Disney +) and McCartney 3,2,1 (Hulu).

Peter Jackson’s epic Beatles documentary has all the ink, but can be seen alongside Hulu’s Memory Lane trip with Paul McCartney “Yesterday” is a double whammy for those who are not far away.


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