The BJP is playing with the future of the students


BJP plays with students' future: UP, Sheet Leak: Azaduddin Owaisi

Azaduddin Owaisi said the future of nearly 20 lakh youth was in recession.

Balrampur (UP):

AIMIM chief Azaduddin Owaisi on Sunday mocked Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath over the UPTET question paper leak and accused the BJP government of playing with the future of the youth.

He also accused the ruling party of repeatedly raising the name of Mohammed Ali Jinnah ahead of assembly elections early next year.

“The BJP loves Jinnah and Pakistan so much that when we say kanna-kanna for the farmers (referring to the demand for raising sugarcane prices) the BJP and the RSS do jinnah-jinnah. We have uprooted Jinnah for 75 years. He has been thrown out before, ”the AIMIM leader said at a public rally in Balrampur.

Mr Owaisi said the leak of the Uttar Pradesh Teacher Qualification Test (UPTET) question paper had forced the exam to be canceled and the future of nearly 20 lakh youth had suffered setbacks due to the failure of the Adityanath government.

He also questioned how the questionnaire was leaked when Yogi Adityanath said the government has a tough stance on criminals.

The leader of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) said, “Cows are respected in UP, but not Muslims. Also, cows are more respected than human beings.”

He said the BJP was a factory of lies, adding that the BJP was spreading lies and presenting them in a way that made people realize the truth.

Meanwhile, in an indirect attack on Mr Owaisi, Samajwadi Party Maharashtra faction leader Abu Azmi called him an agent of the BJP.

Speaking to reporters, Mr. Azmi said, “Some political parties are acting as agents of the BJP, trying to divide the votes against the BJP and favor the BJP. In Bihar, as the votes split, the RJD could. Do not rule there, the people of Bengal have shown wisdom and I salute them.


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