The government has set a target of producing 1 billion tonnes of coal by 2024


The government has set a production target of 1 billion tonnes of coal by 2024

The Ministry of Coal has released its agenda for 2021-22

The Ministry of Coal aims to produce one billion tons of dry fuel by 2024 and, in addition to looking at regulatory reforms, pricing and solar power projects, will develop a coal strategy and export fuel to neighboring countries.

All of these features are part of its agenda document, which the ministry prepared for 2021-22 and released on Monday.

It has new technologies and plans to produce one billion tonnes of coal by 2024, an ambitious target by its standards considering the fact that its production will be 716 million tonnes by 2020-21.

The ministry plans to increase coal production in the mines allocated through the auction, the agenda document says.

Coal conversion and sustainability include coal conversion, monetization of coal land, the use of artificial intelligence in data mining, the use of drones and net zero emissions sustainability.

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