The Government of Maharashtra extends the jurisdiction of the Family Court to 23 newly annexed villages under the PMC



Citing the extension of the boundaries of the Pune Corporation (PMC), the state government extended the jurisdiction of the Pune Family Court to the 23 newly annexed villages under the PMC.

In a government statement, the state law and judiciary said, “The state government is extending the jurisdiction of the Pune Family Court in exercise of the powers conferred under the Family Court Act and in consultation with the Bombay High Court. 23 villages newly added to the PMC to exercise the powers and powers conferred by law.

According to the notification, the state government has given jurisdiction to the PMC and the Pune Family Court covering the Pune and Gadki cantonment areas.

The state government, in its announcement on June 30 this year, added 23 villages under the PMC. These villages include Mahalunge, Suss, Bhavdan Budrook, Kirkatwadi, Bisoli, Gondwe-Tawade, Kopare, Nanded, Gadagwasla, Manjri Boutrook, Narde, Holkarwadi, Wadachchi Wadi, Shembalawadi.

According to the 2011 census, the population of PMC areas is 35,56,824 but the actual population is higher than the 2011 population. The 2021 census was delayed due to the epidemic. The city population is estimated to be over 50 lakhs due to rapid urbanization.

The state government has extended the jurisdiction of the Pune Police Commissionerate to include the newly annexed areas of the city. It also plans to launch new police stations in recently added areas.


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