The head of the Apple operational movement says he was fired.


The leader of an activist movement within Apple said he was fired by the company on Thursday.

Janneke Parish, program manager at Austin, Texas-based Apple Maps, and one of the two leaders of a group that calls itself #AppleToo were suspended for several days when Apple investigated its activities. On Thursday, he said, an Apple lawyer and a HR employee were fired from a phone call.

The reason, Ms. Parish told her, was to delete the files from her computer and phone before handing them over for inspection. He said he had deleted files containing personal and financial information.

Ms. Parish, 30, said she hoped Apple would retaliate for helping to organize the activist group. In recent months, Apple employees have spoken out against the company’s secret culture – to prevent product leakage Infiltrated other aspects of the company and encouraged workers to come forward on issues such as sexual harassment and wage inequality.

“I knew from the moment I started talking that this was a risk, and a significant risk,” Ms. Parish said. “If dismissing me helps bring justice to the people who seek it, it is the happiest sacrifice I can make,” he added. The Verge had previously reported on the shooting of Ms. Parish.

Mr. Parish did not speak directly with Apple about the situation. Apple Corps spokesman Josh Rosenstock said in a statement: “We are committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace.

An email from her regarding her dismissal, which was viewed by The New York Times, states that Apple “behaved in a manner that violated Apple’s policies, including interfering with the investigation by deleting files on your company’s tool. After being specifically instructed not to do so.”

Ms. Parish said she removed harmless screen shots of programming errors that worked to fix it before handing over her computer desktop. He said Apple also removed the Robinhood stock trading app because I “didn’t want to see how much money I lost on GameStop” and the Pokemon Go gaming processor.

He said he was questioned because company officials thought the record of an Apple employee meeting had been leaked to the media, and that he had not done so.

Ms. Parish publishes weekly accounts of workplace issues shared with her anonymously by Apple employees. He said he had received hundreds of stories over the past few months, although he could not confirm that everyone who submitted a story was an Apple worker.

Ms. Parish said she would not end her operation because she had been fired. “I don’t want to stop until justice is done,” he said.

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