The Maharashtra minister has said that Samir Wankhede will not comment on the family till December 9


The Maharashtra minister has said that Samir Wankhede will not comment on the family till December 9

Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik targets NCP official Samir Wankhede (file)


Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik – who started a bitter feud with NCB official Samir Wankhede over the Aryan Khan case and has been charged with extortion and fraud – has told the Bombay High Court that he will not release statements against his family until December 9.

This came after the division bench of the court warned that Mr Malik would be issued an injunction if Mr Wankhede’s father, Tiandev Wankhede, continued to post “malicious” content.

The NCP chief’s assurance came after Dyandev Wankade approached the Bombay High Court on Monday against a single-judge bench of the same court.

In that order, the court refused to grant interim relief, saying Mr Malik was free to release information about Samir Wankhede, his father and family, but only after a fair verification of the facts.

At today’s hearing, senior lawyer Brendra Saraf (appearing on behalf of Dyandev Wankade) said the single-judge bench also acknowledged the “malicious” motive behind Mr Malik’s tweets.

He also pointed out that Sameer was the only member of the Wankhede family in the public service (contrary to the observation of an earlier order that any Indian citizen had the right to inspect a public official.

Dianev Wankhede complained about Mr Malik’s tweets in which he accused Samir Wankhede of being born a Muslim, but falsely claimed that he belonged to the Scheduled Castes (SC) who were appointed to get federal jobs.

He demanded an interim relief against Mr Malik from publishing any defamatory statements or tweets or social media posts against him, his son (Samir Wankade) or any of his family members.

Mr Wankhede has filed a defamation suit against Mr Malik and demanded Rs 1.25 crore in damages.

At a previous hearing, the court ordered the filing of an affidavit confirming Nawab Malik’s claims.

The Minister submitted an affidavit stating that his statements were correct and that the evidence he had submitted actually helped the government to take appropriate action against Samir Wankhede.

According to the minister, Mr. Wankhede was removed from the Aryan Khan drug case and five others were fined Rs. Among the allegations related to the payment of Rs 8 crore.

However, Samir Wankhede has accused the minister of showing hatred against him and attempting personal revenge for the arrest of his son-in-law (Samir Khan) in another drug case.

Mr Malik told NDTV that the NCB was “disappearing” behind his nephew’s case and portraying his criticism of the agency as a revenge case.

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