The Matrix Renaissance Review: Keenu Reeves and Gary-on-Moss Can’t Save Lana Wachowski’s Curly Continuity


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Instead, Wachowski imagines a film that falls into its own kind of weird net zone, mixed with nostalgia and self-reference calls, with a sense of repetition of basic elements, without satisfactorily explaining (despite the flaws of interpretation). Here is the trilogy. Although the previous “Matrix” sequels marked a steep decline from the original’s freshness, all are forgiven compared to the film’s misdeeds.

Spoilers can understand the concern about this kind of eagerly anticipated type of film, but one advantage of “Resurrections” is that it is not clear what is to spoil.

As the trailer reveals, some time has passed and Neo / Thomas Anderson (Reeves) has moved on, while Mosin Trinity has no recollection of him. Clearly, there is a stumbling block in the project, which should pull him back to the previous worlds that occupied him and introduce the characters to act as his guides.

The new addition to the new edition by Morpheus, Jessica Henwick (“Iron Fist”), Jonathan Graf and Neil Patrick Harris is the main addition to Yahya Abdul-Madin II, and Groff enjoyed the most delicious parts of it and clearly enjoyed it. Wachowski has added several actors to minor roles from his Netflix series “Sense8”.

At its core “The Matrix” has always been compiled with its tremendous love story, which helped Trinity’s faith (through prophecy) to embrace his Messianic destiny. Despite that, the film is very confusing, and even their storyline proves that there is nothing wrong with the stars.

So, what’s left? The stylized action, stunt work and look that felt so different in 1999. Although there are some moments that are visually appealing, those series are offset by the chaotic scenes, which are like a big close fight. To whom, what, blunts any excitement.

The film actually imagines its memorable elements relatively early, including a fun meta-reference about the nature of the sequels and the Warner Bros. (and a division of WarnerMedia, such as CNN) that released the film. That conversation almost apologizes, and it takes on a different meaning after fully absorbing the image and realizing how much the whole workout was not inspiring.

“I’re back to where I started,” says Neo, who sounded as mysterious as he did when Morpheus first opened his eyes, while inadvertently summarizing one of the structural flaws.

Yes, restarts and revivals are inevitable. However, the first rush of excitement will quickly subside, and that is what is happening here. Because when “Resurrections” again offers a choice between a red pill and a blue pill, something unnecessary – especially for those who choose the option of seeing at home – is the sleeping pill.

“The Matrix Resurrections” premieres December 22 in US theaters and on HBO Max. It is rated R.


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