The PCMC commissioner fired again; Students complain to the principal, claiming “rude behavior.”



Several days after filing a complaint and arresting nine protesting citizens and a corporator, Pimpri-Chinchwad Corporation (PCMC) Commissioner Rajesh Patil was again in trouble. This time, a group of students approached him to talk about the delay in conducting the timber survey and complained to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uttam Thackeray and the Urban Development Ministry about his rude behavior and demanded action against him.

The commissioner acted rudely when members of the Royal Vidyarthi Parishad complained that there was too much delay in conducting the survey of trees by a contractor appointed by the civil administration. The incident took place on Saturday when students released a video showing the commissioner’s “rude” behavior.

Raviraj Kale, secretary of the Rayat Vidyarthi Parishad, told The Indian Express, “We went to meet the municipal commissioner to complain to him about the delay in conducting the trees survey. Since he did not respond to our complaint several times, we decided to meet him in person and write him at least 6 or 7 letters. , But he showed no respect in responding.

In a video uploaded by students on Facebook, Patil is heard saying that he is not responsible for them. After the students addressed him as “Sir”, his questions filled him. All the questions they asked were related to the delay in the survey of trees and the inaction of the PCMC in this matter.

Gale accused Patil of responding “in a very rude and arrogant tone.”

When we tried to find out from him the reason for the delay in conducting the timber survey and why no action was taken against the guilty contractor, instead of responding directly, the commissioner escaped and did not try to understand our concern. Environment. He told us directly that he was not responsible and that he was responsible to PCMC. We were shocked to hear this from the Municipal Commissioner. It is clear that an IAS officer has no intention of serving citizens, not politicians or officials.

When students accused the PCMC of being in favor of a criminal contractor, the commissioner repeated, “You can think of anything.”

Kale said the PCMC failed to conduct a tree survey from 2015 to 2017. “In view of this, the then Municipal Commissioner Shravan Hardikar ordered a timber survey on January 11, 2018. The tender was left open. A tender was awarded to a private contractor for a timber survey of Rs. 6.80 crore for two years. The trees survey is not complete, and even now there is no sign of it being completed.

Kale said a group of students including Rishikesh Kanwad, Ongar Boer and Suryakant Sarvade went to meet the commissioner. “We demanded that the contractor be blacklisted and that strict action be taken against him. We told the commissioner that the PCMC would support a contractor who was found guilty of failing to complete the assigned work,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rajesh Patil told The Indian Express, “This is not true. I did not act in the way they accuse me.”

Last month, Patil became embroiled in controversy after he lodged a police complaint against nine citizens and a corporator, Asha Shendke, for protesting the digging of roads. One of the citizens threw ink on his nameplate. After Patil lodged a complaint with the police, 10 people were arrested. They spent one day in police custody and nearly 14 days in court custody or the Yerawada jail.

Citizens and corporators complained to the Prime Minister’s Office about the IAS officer’s behavior, while the ruling BJP condemned the PCMC administration for going “too far” against citizens.

Condemning the incident, Schendz said, “This incident is very reprehensible. Neither citizens nor students can ask questions to the commissioner. I do not understand whether we live in a democracy or a Taliban regime. Even in our case, we protested the inconvenience and the administration sent us to jail. In all other struggles in the country, fighting citizens are detained and released in the evening. But in Pimpri-Chinchwad, democracy is blatantly trampled.

Another BJP corporator, Seema Sawale, said, “When I was a corporator three times, I never saw such an arrogant commissioner. He (Patil) clearly works for his masters, not for the citizens. I asked him about some civic issues including high corruption in Smart City missions, but he refused to hold any investigation. There is no other option but to approach the Prime Minister’s Office. ”

“Sometimes when he responds, it’s in a half sentence. He quickly puts the phone down. He doesn’t seem interested in solving citizens’ problems,” he added.

District Monitoring Committee member Sagar Charan said, “When I met him recently about the problems of Safai Karamcharis or Conservancy staff, he behaved in a humiliating manner with me … I complained to the National Schedule Commission. Castes.”


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