The polygonal network outperforms Ethereum in terms of active user base


The Balcon Network has registered the popular Ethereum Blockchain network with more than 566,516 active users, according to Polygonscan’s October 2 research report. Ethereum, on the other hand, stands at 527,158.

Data from Etherscan It shows that the number of active addresses in the polygonal network has increased by 168 percent in the last 30 days. This is the first time that the number of users of a polygonal network is higher than that of Ethereum.

Ethereum is an open source public blockchain network that allows people to send cryptocurrency for a fee. This blockchain network has led to accusations against competitors when it comes to user interactions in crypto gaming. However, new numbers have revealed that more users interact with the polygonal chain than with the Ethereum mainnet.

How did Polygon outperform Ethereum?

Ethereum suffers from slow transactions and sometimes high transaction costs prevent users from interacting with the currency. Meanwhile, in a polygonal network, transaction fees are much lower and provide greater security.

According to Spencer Noon, a cryptocurrency venture capital fund, the adoption of fungus-free tokens (NFTs) and NFT-based fantasy gaming have spurred the growth of Balacon’s user base. Since July, traders in the polygonal open sea [the NFT marketplace] Spencer sold 45.5x and NFTs 17.5x in a network report released on October 2.

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