The polygonal network violates Ethereum in terms of active users


With new additions of more than 566,500 users, the Polygon blockchain network has grown significantly by 18% in the past month, according to a recent report by Polyconscan. The network now surpasses the popular Ethereum blockchain network — in terms of user site. Ethereum is the second most valuable blockchain in the world after Bitcoin. This is the first time that the number of users of a polygonal network is higher than that of Ethereum, which has only recorded a 0.6 per cent increase in its user base in recent days.

Ethereum is an open source public blockchain network that allows anyone to send cryptocurrency for a small fee. The network empowers many applications that can be used by everyone and not taken by anyone. This programmable blockchain allows people to transact in digital money without the involvement of banks or brokers. According to, it also serves as a market for financial services, games and applications without censorship.

The polygonal network, on the other hand, is a framework used to create such blockchain networks that can integrate with the Ethereum network. With Polygon Blockchain, it is possible to create multiple chain systems of full size that can work synchronously with other interfaces built into Ethereum. According to, the network maintains better security when resolving issues related to blockchains – such as slower speeds and higher transaction fees.

Despite large market volatility due to China’s crypto repression, Balagon’s own currency has been performing well in recent days. As of Friday, September 8, the Medic is trading 3.59 percent higher at $ 1.36 (approximately Rs. 102). In a statement, said investors consider polygons to be a secure and sustainable crypto-investment option.

It should be noted, however, that the polygonal network is not as “secure” as it sounds. In August, for example, the polygonal network was hacked and the attackers allegedly stole $ 600 million (approximately Rs. 60 crore) worth of crypto assets.

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