The quad was real, very efficient and moved well


The quad is real, very efficient and well moved: S. Jaisankar

S Jaisankar said the lessons the quad sees are practical lessons.


Foreign Minister S. Jaisankar said on Wednesday that the quartet, which includes the United States, Japan, Australia and India, was “far from the truth” and had moved “very efficiently and effectively” over the past year.

During the discussion at the Global Technology Summit 2021, Mr Jaisankar said, “The quad is very real. It has moved very effectively, precisely this is a very contemporary arrangement. The lessons of the quad view are practical. Difference.”

He added that the new team between India, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the United States will focus on technology, including green technology, digital and start-ups.

Commenting on the activities of the new panel in India, the United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, he said, “Some areas of green technology or digital or start-ups will be technology-centric. All four are huge strengths.”

When asked by C Raja Mohan, Director, ISAS, National University of Singapore, whether the quad was an interested group between India, the United States, Australia and Japan, EAM said the quad had “moved very efficiently and well”. “In the last year.

“Last year has shown that this is very real. I think it’s very, very efficiently moved and well moved because it’s a very contemporary arrangement. Get used to the work, and if you look at its effects, vaccines, student movements, start-ups, these are very practical lessons.

Commenting on the interdependence of the Quad countries with China, Mr Jaisankar said, “Decoupling is a polite word. Anyone with serious business experience will challenge it. It is easier said than done. You are going to see hedging. And risk mitigation … And more explicit options. “

He said countries in small groups were discussing the need for small resilient supply chains.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about global rules for technologies like social media and cryptocurrencies, they are used to strengthen democracy and use it without undermining it. It’s important that democracy, and not democracy or governance, be abused. “

He said India’s technical expatriates and Indian engineers and science expatriates are shaping the global technology scene, adding that there is a growing demand for technological skills in the world and the need to keep technology at the center of development.

“Over time, the importance of the global market has grown,” he said, adding that India’s position is unique “as a key partner in the global workplace”.

Earlier in the day, Mr Jaisankar welcomed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saying the summit was the result of a production partnership between the Foreign Ministry and Carnegie.

“In human history, technology is a double-edged sword that has opened up new perspectives on progress and new threats. Its purpose is to find a new balance,” he said.

In a world that is globalized and driven by technology, mastery in key domains is a symbol of mastery, he said.

“In society, the impacts of technology are significant and transformative. It is an important governing tool and medium of communication,” he said.

Welcoming Prime Minister Johnson, he said that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Johnson had brought new impetus to the India-UK partnership and was bringing the 2030 road map to bilateral strategic relations.

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