The source code for Android 12 has been released and an update for Pixel phones may come later



Google today released the source code for Android 12. However, the standard Android 12 update for Compatible Pixel devices is not yet available, which may come later. The new Android 12 update brings better customization and privacy features to phones, including the new Material U Design language.

With the source code of Android 12 now open, various OEMs can now burn their own Android skins using the Android 12 code. Check out the tweet below.

Android 12 is expected to come in a variety of Pixel 3-Series, 4-Series and 5-Series phones, as well as many devices that support Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus and other brands.

Android 12: What’s new?

The biggest difference of Android 12 is the new Material U design language, which will completely skin the phone depending on what wallpaper you are using. Colors notification shadow, lead to lock screen widgets and Google’s first-party applications. Third-party applications may support Material U in the future if the developer chooses. The new interface is rounder than before.

Android 12 also gets redesigned notification tray rounder corners and large and colorful quick settings buttons. Android 12 also has several new privacy settings, including an integrated privacy dashboard where users can track all permissions and data access components in one place.

A new lock screen with date, local weather, alarms and notifications on Android 12 is now in the top left corner. The new interface gets a big centered clock, which now takes up the whole scene. Check out our in-depth look at Android 12 here.


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