The stalemate in parliament continues, with opposition parties rejecting the offer of talks


The stalemate in parliament continues, with opposition parties rejecting the offer of talks

New Delhi:
The stalemate continues in parliament today as the opposition rejected the government’s call for talks for the four parties suspended for “uncontrolled behavior” at the spring session.

  1. Opposition parties have also demanded that the resignation of Ajay Mishra, the son of Union Minister Ajay Mishra, who was arrested in the Lakhimpur Gary case.

  2. The request was rejected by the government. The BJP has blamed the opposition for the political stalemate in the Rajya Sabha.

  3. In the Rajya Sabha, as soon as the official documents were tabled, MPs from the opposition parties, including the Congress and the Trinamool Congress, demanded the withdrawal of the suspended 12 MPs. Some opposition MPs started marching towards the assembly well carrying banners.

  4. Following this, Rajya Sabha Speaker Venkaiah Naidu adjourned the meeting till 2 pm, saying, “I want debate, debate, dignity.”

  5. Opposition leader Mallikarjun Karge pressed for a notice under Rule 267, which seeks to set aside the day’s business to take up the issue raised. There were five notices under Rule 267.

  6. “I have received a notice under Rule 267. First, the council must be allowed to function. That is why I do not agree with it,” Mr Naidu said.

  7. Trinamool MPs also staged a protest in the Lok Sabha demanding the resignation of Ajay Mishra in the Lakhimpur carry case.

  8. Sushmita Dev, Rajya Sabha MP from Trinamool Congress, said, “It is anti-democratic to keep 12 MPs out and run the House.

  9. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said the opposition was not allowed to raise issues. “Minister Denny should be sacked. The government has a responsibility to run the house,” he said.

  10. Mr Naidu said on Friday that the council had asked the government and the opposition to sit down and resolve the issue. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.


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