The UK weighs Lockdown amid the Omigron wave and political turmoil


LONDON – The outbreak of corona virus cases in the UK is driven by the highly contagious Omigran variant, with the government opening up the possibility of imposing another round of restrictions soon, the country’s health secretary said on Sunday.

Scientific advisers have warned lawmakers that additional action is needed because the uprising threatens to sink the country’s health system, forcing people to work from home if possible, even after the government announced a long-opposed corona virus contingency plan earlier this month. Mask order.

Over the weekend, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a “major incident” in the capital – a state of emergency to free up resources – and speculation was swirling about the possibility of a short-term lockout nationwide.

Fears of a public health emergency a few days before Christmas coincided with a political crisis for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, deepened by the resignation of Brexit negotiator and key ally David Frost on Saturday, who cited his opposition to the lockout measures. Give up. On Sunday, Downing Street announced that Secretary of State Liz Truss Brexit would take over.

Mr. By the time Frost resigned, Mr. Johnson underscores the serious political dangers he faces. Actions based on which can affect the economy and restrict freedom.

With the government avoiding announcing the lockout, Health Secretary Sajid Javed appeared on Sunday to deny the possibility of further drastic measures, but on Sunday appeared to be informing the public of the possibility.

“There is no guarantee of this epidemic,” he said. “At this point, we need to review everything.”

He speculated that the government was considering a two-week “circuit breaker”. Javed did not deny that this would mean restrictions on liquor stores and restaurants, and that the government’s emergency committee held a private meeting with national leaders on Sunday to discuss the increase in cases. He further added that the restrictions were “inevitable”. Khan said Sunday.

But Mr. Javed said that if the new measures are taken immediately, the existing parliament will be withdrawn, which Mr. Which raised the possibility of further political trouble for Johnson

Despite some early indications that the Omigran variant may cause a more mild form of covid disease, even a very small number of new infections admitted to the hospital could overwhelm the health system, Mr said. Javid said.

Even before the variance triggered a steep rise in corona virus cases, Britain’s National Health Service was under intense pressure, according to Mr. Javed admitted Sunday that infections among health workers have led to staffing problems at some hospitals.

Chris Hobson, chairman of the NHS Providers, a member organization of the National Health Service staff in the UK, explained that the shortage of staff associated with the corona virus has risen rapidly as new enrollment of covid patients has increased. Series posts on Twitter.

Some hospitals are postponing unnecessary services, and they are “beyond the full length” when dealing with new cases, staff shortages and demands to expand the vaccine booster program. He wrote.

Stephen Reicher, a professor of social psychology at St Andrews University and a member of the UK Emergency Science Advisory Council that advises the government, said it was the best way to reduce social interaction and prevent the spread of diversity. Was through a short-term locking.

But he told the Times Radio on Saturday, after Christmas, “It’s probably too late – by then we would have had the biggest outbreak of epidemics with all the impact on the community.”

Despite the obvious risks at the national level, Mr. The turmoil within Johnson’s Conservative Party complicates the government’s calculations on whether it can submit to scientific advice and introduce new restrictions to slow the spread of the virus.

Mr. Although Frost’s resignation letter listed various policy frustrations that were widely shared among a section of the party, he strongly warned the government against imposing what he described as “coercive measures we have seen elsewhere.”

Similar arguments were put forward by Conservative lawmakers in parliament on Tuesday, with about 100 people revolting over the introduction of the Govt Pass to enter some major events.

It is a warning that the government could face another uprising if it continues with strict restrictions.

Mr. While Johnson may perhaps rely on opposition Labor support for parliament to approve the new rules, doing so would further publicize the weakness of a prime minister who is openly questioned.

Speaking on behalf of the Labor Party on health issues, Wes Street condemned the Conservatives’ infighting, saying Mr Javid was “a hostage to his own party.”

“What we saw in parliament this week, with the massive uprising of 100 Conservative MPs, is really the most modest move, telling us a big problem when the Prime Minister comes to a crisis of confidence in the leadership within his own ranks,” he told Sky News on Sunday. “And, most importantly, it has an impact on the government’s public health response.”

While Britain’s response is deeply linked to political drama, the steady rise in Omicron cases has prompted other countries around Europe to take even more drastic action.

On Saturday, the Netherlands became the first country on the continent to re-enforce full locking, with Dutch leaders ordering the closure of all essential shops, bars, restaurants, gyms, sports and cultural venues and schools from Sunday until mid-January. The country’s National Health Commission predicts a sharp increase in hospital admissions and a collapse in the health system if lockdown measures are not taken.

On Friday, Denmark announced the closure After the daily corona virus infections were recorded in theaters, theaters and concert halls, it was driven by a new variant. Ireland, which recently announced several new restrictions, has confirmed that Omigron cases now make up most of the corona virus cases nationally.

Unlike some countries’ reactions to new registration rates for infections, Germany is already subject to a number of stricter regulations, including a nationwide rule that only allows people who have been vaccinated or have survived the corona virus to enter restaurants, bars and non-essential stores.

On Saturday, Germany added Britain to its list of countries facing travel restrictions, with the omigran variation being widespread in the group, which includes South Africa and other countries in South Africa.

Although daily infections have been slowly declining since the beginning of December, German officials expect the Omicron variant to cause a new wave of infections. The country’s new health minister, Karl Lauterbach, told reporters on Friday that an uprising was inevitable.

“I think the Omigron wave we are facing cannot be prevented, it will be a massive challenge to our hospitals, intensive care units and society as a whole,” he said. Lauterbach, a medical physician and epidemiologist trained at Harvard.

But despite Europe facing a severe Omigran uprising, it is clearly not limited to one region. Dr. Anthony S., the best epidemiologist in the United States. “It’s raging around the world,” Fauzi told NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday.

Christopher F. Shootsey Report contributed from Berlin, and Thomas Earbring From Amsterdam.


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