The United States released atomic bomb numbers after the Donald Trump blackout


The United States released the atomic bomb numbers after the Trump blackout

The numbers were released Tuesday. (Representative)


The U.S. State Department on Tuesday released the country’s stockpile of nuclear weapons for the first time in four years since former President Donald Trump darkened the data.

As of September 30, 2020, the U.S. military maintained 3,750 active and inactive nuclear weapons, down from 55 a year earlier and 72 in 2017.

At the height of the Cold War with Russia in 1967, the number was at an all-time low of 31,255 warships.

The numbers were released on Tuesday amid efforts by the administration of President Joe Biden to resume arms control talks with Russia after they were shut down under Trump.

“Increasing the transparency of the states’ nuclear reserves is important for deployment and disarmament efforts,” the State Department said in a statement.

Trump, who pulled the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal and the Interim Nuclear Forces (INF) deal with Russia, abandoned the new opening agreement on the rocks last year ahead of the scheduled Feb. 5 deadline.

Newstart controls the number of nuclear weapons in Washington and Moscow, and can modify warship cuts on both sides if it expires.

Trump has said he wants a new deal that includes China, which has only part of the warships the United States and Russia have.

Biden, who came to office on January 20, immediately proposed a five-year extension to New Start, which Russian President Vladimir Putin quickly agreed to.

The deal puts the number of nuclear weapons that could be used by Moscow and Washington at 1,550.

Last week, Russian and US diplomats began talks behind closed doors in Geneva to discuss the successor to New Start and regulate conventional weapons.

A U.S. official called the talks “productive,” but said both sides were positive about the negotiations.

As of January 2021, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, there are 5,550 retired warships in the United States – 6,255 in Russia, 350 in China, 225 in Britain, and 290 in France – including retired warships.

India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea have about 460 nuclear weapons, the company said.

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