The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ competitor will get the new car even after losing the technical ability


Within days of his appearance on the long-running game show, Audi found rival Charlene Rubus and offered to give him the same model car that he had rejected on the show.
In the latest holiday episode of “Wheel of Fortune”, “What are you doing?” Rubush had come to the bonus round in just 10 seconds to fill in the missing puzzle letters on the theme. After first guessing “choosing the right card”, she tried again “choosing the right … word!”

Rubush answered correctly, but she paused for a few seconds between “OK” and “Word”.

“You know, it’s hard, because you said all the right words, including the ‘word’, but you know, it has to be more or less continuous,” presenter Pat Sajak told Rubushi, there was disappointment in his voice. “We will allow a short pause, but not four or five seconds.

“Sorry,” he continued. “You did a good job, but I can not give you a gift, it’s Audi.”

Rabush Done He ended his time on the show with a $ 16,500 win no Audi Q3, a luxury SUV starting at $ 35,900.
A Clip of the moment when Rupush failed in Audi It was widely shared on Twitter because of a technology, including former “Jeopardy” winner Alex Jacob.
'Wheel of Fortune'

“Come @WheelofFortune, that girl chose the right word,” he tweeted. “Give her the car.”

His appeal and the appeal of other “Wheel of Fortune” viewers were inspired, and he shared that Jacob had sent a message to Audi asking for their help. Several hours later, Audi Has tweeted that Rubush is “a winner in our eyes” and will receive the Q3 Award.

Audi’s chief marketing officer for the United States, Tara Rush, told CNN that “the company is pleased with Charlene’s gift.”

“This is the season that pays off above all and, whether technology or not, we are always eager to share the magic and joy of Audi!” Rush said in the statement.

The “Wheel of Fortune” did not immediately respond to CNN’s comments.

The chances of the winners of the “Wheel of Fortune” for the second time this year have been reduced by a technology, at least for the second time this year. In April, a contestant used the word “and” in his final answer, although he did not answer the riddle correctly. Suffice it to say that the fans were not very happy but the car was not delivered for his problems after that contestant.


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