Throwback treats by Tania Shroff on boyfriend Ahan Shetty’s birthday


Throwback treats by Tania Shroff on boyfriend Ahan Shetty's birthday

This photo was shared by Tania Shroff. (Image courtesy: tania_shroff)

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Love is in the air, Bollywood feels it today. Tania Shroff, a friend of actor Ahan Shetty, has filled the internet with adorable photos of the two of them. So, what is the occasion? The actor is one year old today. Tania chose to share some great memories together on social media for her birthday. He started by posting a photo titled “Happy Birthday” and added a heart emoji to it. Then we see some silly and intimate scenes where they glow happily in honest poses. He shared photos of them from a beach vacation and filmed places.

Tania ended the series with a photo of Ahan standing with his head on his shoulders. He added a lock emoji and tagged Ahan in the photo. Check out his photo series:


Screenshot of Tania Shrapnel’s Instagram story.


Earlier this month, Tania Shroff wrote a beautiful note of praise to Ahan Shetty. He released photos of them from Ahan’s shoot. He wrote, “No one knows how much commitment and effort you put into it, but I’m lucky to get a seat in the front row.” He added, “You have exceeded all expectations and are still loyal to you. The interest you pay in your work is encouraging, but the way you continue to support and protect the people you love is so impressive. I love you to the last. I am here to overcome every obstacle that is with you. Never. Don’t change. ” Ahan responded to this captivating post with the caption “I love you”.

Here is the post:

Last year, Tania Shroff posted a special Instagram post on Ahan Shetty’s birthday. He posted photos of their dates and holidays and wrote, “It’s kind of ‘growing together’. Happy birthday.”

Tania Shroff and Ahan Shetty have known each other since school days. Tania is a fashion influencer from Mumbai. Aahan Shetty recently made his Bollywood debut தடப். This is a Hindi remake of a Telugu movie RX 100.


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