Time Magazine Card Features Mark Zuckerberg Amid Profit on Security Fee, Delete Facebook?


'Delete Facebook?'  Time cover feet.  Zuckerberg is among the top gainers on security fees

Time magazine features Mark Zuckerberg on its latest cover.

Amid claims that the Facebook fuel division is harming children and making more profit than safety, Time magazine has published Mark Zuckerberg in its latest issue.

The cover photo comes with a description of a phone app deletion icon and a simple question – “Delete ‘Facebook’?” – and two options – “Cancel” or “Delete”.

Whistleblower Francis Hogan, former product manager of Facebook’s civil misinformation group, told U.S. lawmakers this week how the company is making more profit, while still being concerned about user safety. He said Facebook had done very little to prevent people planning the violence from using its site.

The TIME cover article, published on the magazine’s website, is entitled “How Facebook Forced a Calculation by Disabling the Team That Makes People Profitable.”

The article talks in detail about Facebook’s civic integrity group and points out how the decisions of social media companies have alienated important group members fighting misinformation and hate. Facebook disbanded the team in December 2020, which eventually led to Francis Hagen whistling.

“Whatever the future direction of Facebook, it is clear that discontent is developing domestically.

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg rebutted Whistleblower’s claims that they were “not true.”

“The argument that we are deliberately pushing content that angers people for profit is very unfair,” Zuckerberg wrote in a note to Facebook employees.

“I don’t know of any technology company that would start making products that would make people angry or depressed. Moral, business and product incentives all point in the opposite direction.”

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