Toyota C + Walk T Introduces Three Wheeler E-Scooter ‘Alternative’ for Walking


Toyota has introduced a three-wheeled battery-powered scooter designed to help those with limited mobility. Named the C + Walk T, the Standing-Type Electric Scooter has a low base, only 150mm high for easy boarding and landing. It should be used primarily in walking areas and to facilitate lateral travel and communication with fellow pedestrians. The Japanese automobile company Scooter takes up less space – occupies almost one person – and travels at a normal human walking speed, reducing the chance that you will run into people and objects. Still, if you are distracted, the Toyota scooter has obstacle detection functions to avoid collisions.

The company outlined its features in a statement, saying that this vehicle with one front and two rear wheels can be used by people working in large-scale facilities to travel within the premises and the elderly who find it difficult to walk for more than a few minutes, to facilitate their journey. It can be used by security personnel and tour guides, long walkers, parks and other extensive facilities.

The vehicle is powered by a removable lithium ion battery that can be fully charged in about 2.5 hours using the AC 100V charging device that comes with the vehicle. This vehicle can cover a distance of 14 km on a single battery charge. The steering wheel of the C + Walk T has acceleration and brake levers on both sides. The Status Display Panel shows the battery size and speed at a glance.

The latest offering from car makers has a fast control function. This feature detects steering angles and checks speed. Apart from this, the battery-powered scooter also comes with a steep slope detection. This will automatically lower the vehicle down the steep slope. Also the tires are puncture-proof, so don’t worry about the inflated wheel in the middle lane.

Toyota has priced the electric scooter at JPY 341,000 (approximately Rs 2.27 lakh) to JPY 354,200 (approximately Rs 2.36 lakh).

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