Trevor Nova sued New York Hospital for negligence


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Nova Specialist Surgical Hospital (HSS) and Dr. Riley J. Williams III failed to accurately diagnose his illness and condition, failed to refer him to specialists with the proper skills and training to treat his illness, and made negligent selections and surgeries.

He alleges that they both failed to provide appropriate medical treatment and obtain consent for proper and informed treatment.

A spokesman for the HSS reported to CNN that it had “received an HSS complaint on behalf of Mr. Trevor Noah.”

“We shared a detailed rebuttal with Mr Noah’s lawyer, saying they were ineligible.” “Because of HIPAA, we are restricted by law from talking about specific aspects of the treatment of any patient in general.”

The nature of Noah’s injury and surgery was not disclosed in the complaint.

According to the legal complaint, Nova received treatment from HSS and Williams III between August 25, 2020 and December 17, 2020, including an operation on November 23, 2020.

During that time, Noah suffered “severe and painful personal injuries, severe trauma, trauma, severe mental distress, and great physical pain.”

Noah was “confined to bed and home for a long time; forced to undergo hospital and medical care” which led him to “lose the pleasure of life” and prevented him from doing his job for a long time. The complaint stated.

Some of his injuries are permanent and he may face similar damage in the future, ”the complaint said.

CNN Dr. Riley J. Williams approached III and was recommended to the HSS Media Relations Department. CNN could not determine if Williams had a lawyer.


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