Tripura MLA Ashish Das leads, quits BJP to make Mamata Banerjee PM


He left the BJP after making Tripura MLA Mamata Banerjee the Prime Minister

Ashish Das suffered a head injury at the Calicut temple in Kolkata.


Ashish Das, a long-time BJP leader and MLA from Tripura’s Surma constituency, on Tuesday beheaded at the famous Calicut temple in Kolkata after injuring his head for allegedly “repenting for wrongdoing” by the BJP-led government in the state. , Not far from the home of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

He accused the BJP of fostering “political anarchy and chaos” in Tripura, saying people were dissatisfied with the state government’s actions and had therefore decided to leave the party.

He praised Mamata Banerjee in the past and promoted him to the post of Prime Minister, who for the past two years has been seen as a fierce critic of Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb.

There is speculation that Mr Das will soon join the much-anticipated Trinamool. The state will vote at the beginning of 2023.

“Today I have hurt my head for the misrule of the BJP government. I have decided to leave the party and my next phase will be decided by time. But the anarchy and misrule of Tripura under the BJP-led regime has taken place. And I work for the people beyond politics, “said Ashish Das.

Meanwhile, Tripura BJP sources have indicated to NDTV that the party will take disciplinary action against Mr Das.

Speaking to reporters in Kolkata, Mr Das, MLA of Surma Assembly constituency in North Tripura, criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for “selling most state assets to private parties”.

“Once upon a time, Modi’s news attracted people from all walks of life across the country.

Earlier, he had won the by-election in the Babanipur assembly constituency. Das was highly praised and many people and organizations like Ms. Banerjee as the Prime Minister and said that it is very important to promote her to that post as she is a Bengali.

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